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Do you want to go fast? Like, really really FAST! With the speed of sound! Okay, maybe not that fast. But imagine you are quick. Jumping from one wall to another, climbing like some kind of ninja, using dashes, blinks or charges! Pew! Psh! And you are in the other corner of the room! But wait, there’s more! You also have a jet-pack! That’s right! A JETPACK! How about jumping, and then boosting yourself higher with the power of jet? Or how about boosting yourself with rockets? Forget the stars – take a shot under your feet and fly!.. Oh, and you won’t need any of that if you can TURN OFF GRAVITY! Basically, you have it all! Wings, jumps, double jumps, mega-jumps – all the jumps you can handle! And teleportation devices. And more… stuff. So, are you interested? Then join us on the Our Way Up!!

So what is Our Way Up?

It’s a fast-paced platformer focused on movement and replayability.

The main goal of the game is to get to the top in a vertical map

using a big variety of skill-based abilities.

  • Fast gameplay that requires skills and quick reaction!
  • Big amount of movement-based abilities, upgrades and items.
  • Vertical always-changing map that makes gameplay new and fresh.
  • Different playable characters and mods that adds replayability.

our way up
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Today we are going to talk about a new feature we’ve been working on, and it goes like this: when you get to the top, you will meet the toughest enemy that will test all your abilities! Bad O…gly? Serious Shooter! That why he’s called THE B.O.S.S!

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Boss-man!

Hey, if you’ve missed our previous updates, you can check them here:

Or you can follow us on twitter.

Meet your Boss

How does it work? Simple: just go higher and higher, and at the top you will meet your nemesis! What? He looks exactly like a normal enemy? Bollocks! This one is 15% bigger! :P

boss rockets


Of course, you wanna ask me: “But hey, who is that guy and why he is so evil and why do you have to kill him?” and I’ll tell you – nobody knows it’s a secret! We want player to figure it out all on his own, so we are not telling you main plot of the story now! Sorry ‘bout that.

Boss abilities

We’re planning on him having quite a few abilities: rockets, lasers, wind, lasers, bombs, lasers, freeze, lasers, lasers, lasers, etc. They will mostly be randomized so that each fight could be at least a little bit fresh.

Boss laser

Boss laser 2

Boss fight

We are currently working on how this fight would go. Maybe boss will get new powers each 25% of health, or maybe he will move somewhere, or maybe even the room is going to change. If you think of any cool stuff to add, we would appreciate it.

Boss fight

Other than that… Demo is approaching! Right now we just need to finish UI, work a little bit on the balance, something-something and Boom! Demo! We’re not completely sure about the dates, but it will be… ugh, soon™.

Update 2: Line up and get your abilities here

Update 2: Line up and get your abilities here


This time we are going to talk about Safe Rooms, NPCs and skins.

Update 1: What we have so far

Update 1: What we have so far


First look at the fast-paced platformer Our Way Up.

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D-darkMan - - 52 comments

The game looks promising to me! The art style is nice and gameplay seems to be enjoyable)
Waiting for demo!

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