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Enter the fight as a paper fighter! You can control a paper helicopter and fight paper planes and paper cannons in a paper backgr... bah, you get the idea.

A short top down shooter that I'm slowly making since August 2015. Inspired by the Strike series, which I played a lot as a kid.

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Testing the green heli



I made a gameplay video if you guys are interested. Took me a surprisingly long amount of time to make, with the full time job and all, and with Shadowplay refusing to record correctly, among other stuff, but finally, FINALLY I could finish it.

The video ended up being longer than anticipated, but hey, at least it represents que gameplay well: you shoot stuff, complete objectives in any order, find items, and then get the hell outta there. That's how every level is supposed to be in the game.

In the last year I felt that, despite working on this almost every week, I wasn't making progress at all, like if I hit a brick wall or something, but now that I compare this video with the previous ones, yeah, the game does look different, at least when it comes to the details. It's like growing up: you can't tell the difference after watching yourself in the mirror day after day, but when that aunt sees you they are like: "wow, you have grown so much!".

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


Passing out

Passing out


Changes in the game since last update ten months ago. Yes, I'm still alive, thanks for asking.

Level creation timelapse and dog bites

Level creation timelapse and dog bites

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No changes on the game itself, but at least I made a new video showing how I make a level. Oh, and yesterday I got bitten by a dog.

First article, yay!

First article, yay!

News 11 comments

A little introduction of the game, and initial demo.

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Version 0.2.0

Version 0.2.0


Demo with two missions (with a cutscene in between, if you are into that), crappy music and sounds (Sorry!), and a little gift if you make it to the end.

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wow this looks like a fun game, for anyone that used to draw little army battles in their school notebooks (especially me with my strange addiction to 'return fire') ;D

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Sauvent Creator
Sauvent - - 9 comments


In my case, I used to draw top-down cities on several sheets of paper taped together and make "street races" using little toy cars. I was a bored child.

Thanks a lot for passing by, and sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice the comment. I'm still working on this (believe it or not) but I'm considering taking a break to make a different, much smaller in scope game, as this one grew too much in features.

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