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Free floating in zero gravity in the sci-fi retrofuture.

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On Aether Winds at RTX!


This weekend I got to take On Aether Winds to Rooster Teeth Expo and show it to the public the first time. It was awesome to watch hundreds of people play the game and see how they responded. I've been fine-tuning the controls by guesswork for months, but there's no substitute for watching players pick up the game fresh and experiment with it.

My phone is full of notes on little tweaks to make in the next build but I'm happy to say the big points went over well. The space flight works. People were getting the hang of the controls and staying for extended playthroughs. One guy on Saturday even sat down long enough to beat it!

Big thanks to Bryan who worked the booth with me all Fri / Sat like a champ, Arthur who drove down from Dallas on a tight schedule to help out on Friday, and my brother Eric and his friend Ryan who helped man the booth on Sunday. Also thanks to the RTX Guardians who were always eager to volunteer their assistance. Seriously, Guardians: your enthusiasm when I know you're all at least as worn out as I am is incredible.

On to the "big news" I mentioned in a comment: You can download the demo build from RTX and play it!

Download the game here: www.onaetherwinds.com

This is the first level of the eventual final release. It's a big level designed to give you lots of room to explore and experiment with the mechanics, then drop you into some big space battles as you complete your first objectives. I'm calling it this the "public alpha," but this it's gone through a lot of refinement already. I want everything I put out on the internet to be fun experience and not just for people who like getting in on the ground floor and tracking down bugs. (Maybe I should call it a beta? These terms don't really mean anything.) The public build will be updated as I get more levels ready to show off, so keep checking back!

WesLewis Creator

Just got back from the On Aether Winds booth Rooster Teeth Expo! Proper news post is coming, but you can download the build I demoed at RTX here: www.onaetherwinds.com

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WesLewis Creator

On Aether Winds is a game about leaping and rocketing through zero gravity. Fly through big levels with an entirely mouse driven interface (unless that sounds lame in which case you can also use the keyboard for some stuff). It's set in the future, but the future of a time when nobody had actually been to space yet and thought it would be all rayguns and fishbowl helmets. Your raygun has a fin on the top. That fin is very important, for advanced science reasons I don't fully understand.

The game is very much a work in progress. It just passed the "letting someone besides me play it" stage, which means lots of new refinements to make the controls intuitive. Making an action platformer that can be played with just the mouse has taken a lot of experimentation and it's been exciting to see which experiments worked and which didn't.

Big news coming in the next couple weeks (not release, that's a ways off).

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