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A hide-and-seek, a chase of cat and mouse. There's two group of people: People with masks, People who is smart with getaways. People with tasks, People who is in need of protection. You're the latter.

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Hi! Welcome to Nowhere to Hide! I hope you’ve read the description, so I don’t need to copy it here. ;)

News for OLDCOMERS (From Gamejolt/Facebook/Old NTH IndieDb Page)For those who wondered where I’ve been this lately, there is an incident. I made a stupid mistake and the engine is GONE. Yes, meaning of deleted. After that, I was guilty and anxious that you will mad at me (I’m sorry). Fortunately, the data of the Game is still there, just the game engine is deleted. So, I download the engine back. The problem that made the process of the game go down is that my dad’s WiFi connection. It is super slow.

After a few months, my mum gave me her mobile broadband to me. Therefore, I downloaded the Engine quickly and it’s done! Phew! So, now I’m back on track! I hope you will understand this and forgive me. I will make an article only about an incident/announcement/etc.

Hey, newcomers! Welcome to — uh I gave this intro already. I have nothing to say to you actually… Oh, if you're having trouble pronouncing my name, call me Mark. :) So, follow Nowhere to Hide to get in touch with the game!

Thanks for visiting and reading this article! If there’s any mistake, I’d want to say sorry. That’s it from me, bye!

~ Mark (Ikmal Basirun)

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