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When we created the concept of NOIZ we questioned what we wanted to present to the public, the answer was: a survival racing game that integrates arcade components with elements of simulation and RPG, a driving experience totally different from the others, realistic and engaging.

We wanted to insert strong emotions and feelings, detailed settings, but also much more. We have created something to try to understand it in full, a unique experience.
In addition to seeking funds for Noiz, we are more interested in having a relationship with the players, and better understand from this prototype what and how we have to improve the product, before starting campaigns and advertising.

All video games are nothing without the players and, as a player, we know how important it is to listen to feedback and believe in the game.
We hope that with your help we can turn Noiz into a finished game in a short time. Support us and criticize us if necessary, but above all talk about Noiz.

For those who will buy our game at full price even if now it is only a prototype, we thank you very much, but please and especially tell us what you liked and what you did not like,make us viral and we will be strong enough to reach our goal..
We may also find that certain systems or mechanisms we are talking about today are simply not amusing or useful for game health. In these cases, keep in mind that the game can change fundamentally as we work through feedback, testing.
We believe in this project and you?

  • Realistic But Fantasy Environments
  • Dynamic Event With Quest System
  • Dynamic Whether
  • Competive IA
  • Nitro mode
  • Destroyable Environments.
  • 10 original songs (at moment)
  • Gamepad Xbox 360/ONE Controller support
  • Keyboard Support (gamepad is recommended)
  • Full Realistic Vehicle Physics
  • Semi Simulation Drive Controls (mix simulation and arcade)
  • Story Line
  • 1 Track (we will hopefully remedy in a short time)
  • 1 Vehicle (it's a temporary vehicle, we'll do better!)
  • Vehicle With Damage System
  • Vehicle Customization (only skin at moment)
  • Experience, The Player Has Experience With Bonuses Depending On The Level
  • Pilot Skills (not full implemented at time)
  • Alien Houses (not implemented at time)
  • Achivements System
  • Multiplayer (not implemented at time)
  • DRM-Free
  • Platforms: Windows, Linuxº, Xbox Oneº, PlayStation 4º,
    º if we find the necessary funds, not implemented at time



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Update New Version Noiz Prototype v0.0.73

Update New Version Noiz Prototype v0.0.73


Noiz Prototype Update v0.0.73 Hi guys we can give you a new update of this prototype. New songs, vehicles, maps, with 10 drivable tracks ...

Noiz Prototipe new version

Noiz Prototipe new version


Noiz Prototipe new version v0.056. New vehicle and map!

NOIZ - Racing Survival Game - DEMO v,0.0.73

NOIZ - Racing Survival Game - DEMO v,0.0.73


The new version is available: NOIZ DEMO v.0.0.73 This is the first public version of NOIZ.

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NOIZ - Racing Survival Game - DEMO

NOIZ - Racing Survival Game - DEMO


Racing game survival that integrates arcade components with rpg and simulation elements for emotion and a new experience, even for those who hate racing...

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