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You must be swift, be precise , be agile. You are a ninja, you are NINJAN! Ninjan is a 2D retro Puzzle-Platformer, combining logics with agility. Use your ninjutsu abilities such as wall jump, body rolling and of course your sword to collect the banners and coins to complete the levels! Gain powers that you can use to your advantage such as super jump and attackpowers! Along with this, Ninjan offers a beautiful art and retro style and feel to the game! A free PC demo has been released to test out the gameplay! Ninjan will soon have its first trailer released and will also be posted to Steam Greenlight, so i hope you support the game! Controls: Movement - Arrow Keys A & S - Roll Z - Jump X - Attack "Ninjan" is a game by Eroxxie Games - 2016

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Greeting oh mighty IndieDB!


Hi there!
Im happy to find IndieDB and im happy to share my game with you on this site!

To make you more intrested, here is the small plotsummary:
You play Takeo, a young ninja apprentice. His master, Sensei gets kidnapped by a traitor from the ninjaclan named Masaru. Your goal is to roam, jump and swing across the lands to save your master. Along the way, you face puzzles and hazards along with enemies that tries to kill you.

Ninjan is also on these sites:

Game Jolt

Thank you for reading and i hope you support my game!


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Ninjan - Demo v.2

Ninjan - Demo v.2


This demo contains 3 levels which demostrates gameplay and mechanics! A great way to get a first taste of the game!

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