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Negative Nancy is a choose your “no” adventure for people who have had enough. An interactive sitcom where you can only say “no” (or nothing at all). Your choices control the story.

You are Nancy, a retail clerk who can only say “no!”. You work a terrible job at Megamart with your best friend, but most of the time that’s the least of your problems. Annoying StreamTubers, delusional bosses, and angry customers... if they want to take you on they'll have to get in line!

Play as Nancy in a short game with four unique, branching stories. Help Nancy express herself by navigating tense and delicate situations.

All the fun of working retail with none of the pay. You’ll be solving crimes, serving customers, making and losing friends—just like real life!

They say the more you remember, the more you’ve lost… but what if you have nothing to lose? Heavily armed customers, conspiracy theorists, and a MegaMart under MegaSiege! Forgetting this shift? Forget about it!

What would you do with fifteen minutes of fame? When a famous StreamTuber comes to MegaMart, everything changes. Road trips, wellness retreats, the sweet allure of revenge... Unsubscribing is harder than you think.

You know her. You fear her. It’s that customer, and if she can’t speak to the manager she’s going right to the top. Who’s going to stop her… you? If you think being fired is enough to escape... do you even know who she is?

As seen on YouTube! The pilot episode of Negative Nancy, remastered! A terrible boss, a terrible waitress, a terrible crime! See where it all began… can you have the perfect day?

A choose your 'no' adventure!

Each story features many branching paths: decisions you make can completely change the course of the story!

Collect mementos to remind you of all adventures you’ve had with Nancy. Can you find them all?

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Negative Nancy, our 'choose your no adventure' game is now available!

The episodes you unlock by playing the game are filled with secrets, side-paths, alternative endings and bizarre situations. Play for a second or third time and you might experience a very different story!

Each episode played on normal speed lasts for roughly 20 to 30 minutes depending on path taken, so you can play it in bite sized pieces or just binge the whole thing.

We're a small team, and we're thrilled to finally release Negative Nancy into the world like tearful parents sending a small, disagreeable child to their first day at school.

If you want to talk more about Nancy, or you're just tired of screaming into the void you can join our discord!


Happy Naysaying!

- The team at FEED

Negative Nancy is coming out on the 14th of October!

Negative Nancy is coming out on the 14th of October!

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Exciting news – the full version of Negative Nancy is coming to Steam and Switch on October 14th!

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