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Morbid Inhale is a top-down shooter.

Hungry zombies want to devour you. Take the biggest gun and fight them back!

Show them how to fight for life to the last drop of blood!

Kill the zombies by any means.

Shoot, blast, burn, rip and tear!

Get experience, upgrade skills, use perks, bonuses, and...

Shoot, blast, burn, rip and tear!

In the single player campaign, you will find out why the character is in a space suit, and what they will have to go through in search of survivors.

Try four modes of the survival game.

How much experience will you earn and how long will you hold out?

The global leaderboard will show your results along with other players.


  • Convenient control
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Battle music
  • Bonuses and perks
  • Character leveling
  • Survival modes
  • Global leaderboard
  • Deep story campaign

Various types of weapons: machine guns, shotguns, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, energy weapons, pulse and plasma weapons, and of course a flamethrower.

Bonuses fall out from killed zombies: first-aid kits, armor, invisibility, damage, fast shooting, and a lot of other interesting things.

Push and burn monsters with the “Ring of Fire” perk.

Use the “Fire Bullets” perk to give your weapon unprecedented power.

Use the "Slow Motion" to get out of the grip of death or prolong the effect of another perk or bonus.

Earn experience by killing the zombies to reach a new level. Each level up gives you an improvement point that can be invested in one skill, such as: increasing damage, additional health points, fast reloading, prolonging running time of perks, fast charging of perks and a lot of other useful skills!

Earn experience, reach levels, use perks effectively, pick up bonuses and exterminate the zombies!

I plan to finish the game in 2022.
I hope you will like it!

Now it appeared on steam in the "Coming Soon" section
Morbid Inhale on steam
I would be grateful for adding it to the wishlist.
At the current stage, this will be the best support for the project.

Site with info about the game: morbidinhale.com
Trailer: Youtube

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Morbid Inhale – teleport


Morbid Inhale – Teleport

Teleport is not only a way to instantly move along the rail, but also to smudge all the zombies on the way.

Luring zombies into such a trap is not only effective but also fun!


Morbid Inhale – perk "Ring of Fire"

Morbid Inhale – perk "Ring of Fire"


Morbid Inhale – perk "Ring of Fire" The ring is pushed through obstacles while maintaining its volume.

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