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Do you have what it takes to win each exciting race in a variety of challenging arenas? Can you figure out the best upgrade strategy for your truck that suits your driving style? Monster Truck Racing Extreme Offroad is an arcade racing game with a few simulation elements thrown in. The game features... - 7 exciting race arenas, including a car crushing time-trial arena and a long jump arena - Sand, mud and snow track conditions - Day and night racing - Tricky weather conditions such as rain, snow and sand storms - Over 40 strategic upgrades to tweak the performance of your truck - Single Player, Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer in a ranked racing league - 2 Game Modes : Arcade mode and Simulation mode - Full gamepad support

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This racing game actually kicks some serious ***!


Latest version is great - love the controller support and its extremely slick - recommend to anyone who loved Ivan IronMan Stewart, Super Cars, Super Sprint etc.

And fantastic support from the Developers - within hours of reporting a problem, it was fixed - even on Boxing Day !

Great game! Funny with excellent graphics.


Nice style and overall look in my opinion, with a good concept and real sponsorship.

this game is fun, but is clearly an alpha.
The Good Stuff:
1)The trucks show damage and when you upgrade them you can see the parts on the truck. very cool. I was driving with 3 wheels at one time!
2)Its a "make your own series" game, you decide how many races and how many laps.
3)You need to use "Pit Stops". It adds an extra bit of strategy to the races.
4) I told myself before playing that I would only run a couple races to give a first impressions review, but I couldnt stop playing. It has a "One more game then ill stop" thing going for it. very fun.
5) Its Monster Truck Racing....cmon!
The Bad Stuff:
1)there is only one track currently, but there are track conditions that make it replayable. One race is on a snowy track, the next is mud....etc.
2)I like being able to make my own series, however I like having a preset series to race also. Thats just me though. Hopefully the final build will have this option.

Great alpha stage game with alot of promise.

I have updated my review to a 9 since the patch. The graphics/colors are brighter and the new tracks are awesome. Cant wait til the game is completley finished. Oh yeah, It has controller support now also.


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