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Modular Combat 2 gameplay will be fast paced and very chaotic. Gamemodes can affect gameplay by introducing new objectives.

When you kill other players or monsters, you gain EXP. When you gain enough EXP, you gain a level. Each time you gain a level you get 2 points

Each consecutive level requires more and more EXP to reach. Modules can be upgraded at any level/any combination and they give players amazing abilities such as cloaking, teleporting, infecting with radiation sickness, summoning minions, etc.

AUX Power

In order to balance things, modules use something called AUX power. When you run out of AUX power, you can't use anymore modules until it has recharged. Some modules take a lot of AUX power while others take a little. But there are passive AUX modules which increase battery storage capacity...

Kill Streaks

Kill streaks occur when any player kills a certain number of players in a row (without dying).

5 Kills: A message displays in the center of every players screen telling them about your kill streak and your player model begins to fade to red every few seconds (glow is visible when you are cloaked).

25 Kills: A message displays in the center of every players screen telling them about your kill streak, your player model begins to glow red (glow is visible when you are cloaked) AND all other players are put onto one team (they can't do damage to each other), they can only do damage to you!

Spawn Protection

When you first spawn (or respawn), you are temporarily invulnerable for 5 seconds. When you fire your weapon, spawn protection is disabled.


The Ucanax were an advanced alien race of explorers and scientists. 20 years ago they discovered a wormhole leading to a pocket universe where time progressed at an extremely accelerated rate; 1 minute of our time was equal to 1 day in the pocket universe. They saw an opportunity to quickly build a variation of a Dyson sphere so they sent billions of nanite robots into the wormhole.

A nearby star system was chosen as the assembly site and just 20 years later of our time, the Dyson sphere was completed. For several decades the Ucanax prospered and built many technological marvels. One such technology was simply known as modules. They gave the Ucanax extraordinary powers that allowed them to do almost anything. Scientists made extensive use of modules to help them during their work.

The Ucanax needed more power to conduct experiments so they began modifying the star at the center of the Dyson sphere. A miscalculation caused an experiment to go horribly wrong and the star began to go supernova. An evacuation was ordered and the population of the nearby planets, moons and space stations began to board colony ships to escape the Dyson sphere.

In a space station surrounding the largest populated planet was a group of scientists gathering nanite and lifeform samples for the evacuation. At that moment the start ejected a huge solar flare toward the planet. In its path, several colony ships were destroyed, along with a significant portion of the planets' surface and the part of the space station itself. Energized particles and radiation permeated the facility and changed the samples and the scientists ...

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RSS Articles

One of our new modelers is just about to start working on the Mutant Scientist (aka Ucanax) model.

We are going to do something most game developers don't do; that is show you in real time from start to finish the creation of a 3D character model.

Starting today, every day at 5PM EST to 7PM EST Torix will live stream creation of this character model. Some days Torix might not be able to work on it so this news post will be updated if that is the case.

5PM to 7PM EST converted to other time zones:

  • 2PM to 4PM PST (Western US/Canada)
  • 4PM to 6PM MST (Central US/Canada)
  • 10PM to 12AM UTC (England, France, etc.)
  • 1AM to 3AM UTC + 3 (Russia)
  • 5AM to 7AM UTC + 8 (Hong Kong)
  • 7AM to 9AM UTC + 10 (Australia)

If you aren't able to watch in real time, then you can watch the archived videos.

Torix has prepared an introduction where he describes the process he's going to use. You can watch it at: Twitch.tv.

Live streams are at:
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