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In Modern game dev you are in charge of a game development company that have one, and only one goal, and that goal is to make a lot of Money.

Modern game dev is a management, tycoon/simulation. There is a lot that is undone in Modern game dev so the release date is still unknown, but the game will be released very soon. What we are working on an will be working on before release is the sales engines that is implanted in the game. So far we have implanted 19 Random generated sales engines that is going to simulate the market in the game. As far as we have come the game is still very basic, but we will change a lot of our mechanics in the game, so that the market and your "costumers" feel much more dynamic.

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Here is some screenshots of our game, and please keep in mind, everything is subject to change.




We will update the game every 1-2 weeks.

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Hi guys. Now you can sign up for the alpha 1 test. Sign up and you might get to try the game before anyone else. Sign up HERE

You will get contacted by us when every alpha tester is chosen.

Sign up before 13.07.2015 (Day, Month, Year).

I started working on the research facility and i think it turned out quite nice, what remains to do is to add more research able elements and polishing, before the research facility is good to go. We do also want research to be expensive and time consuming. This is because we want research to feel rewarding.

Research gameplay1

We have also plans for the possibility to upgrade "your" computer so "programming" of games can go faster for example. We also have added plans for something we have called "My Luxury" where you can buy luxury that may be a little handy, but is more for your status.

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Modern Game Dev first update!

Modern Game Dev first update!


So i started working a little on the game and i have done quite a lot in to days. So i have almost finished the first sales engine (a code i wrote that...



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