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Marine and her friends have six days to find the four remaining warriors and make it to the showdown! With such tight schedule and dramatic events piling up, Marine's nerves are all over the place. But Jeanne the tiny fairy is back! And this alone helps even the balance! Millennium 4 is the most suspenseful, thrilling and emotional Millennium installment so far.

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ksjp17 says

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This is an excellent game, well worthy of the series. Takes the game forward with great momentum, there is a real sense of tension, of time running short.

As usual, great gameplay, exploration rewarded with excellent items, well developed characters, lots of side quests. Be warned, though, some of those side quests are time limited, so if you don't pay attention you could lose them. Great replay value, not just to pick up those elusive side quests, but because there is so much exploration to do, secret rooms to find and so on that it is hard to get everything first time round.


Lysamvor says

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I really dig the art style of this game.


Carter83 says

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Entertaining, thrilling and hard.
This time, you can really feel the pressure on Marine and the despair, as she is running out of time. This really add to the atmosphere, and trust me, there are many strong moments.
The game also keeps the high standard from previous parts - well balanced fights and equipment and lots of things to discover. Thanks to the story and an unceasing urge to progress further, it is easy to miss a lot the game has to offer, though. To get the best of it, you really need to play it more than once.

Btw, you finally meet the elusive Bokden this time...


Dclyde says

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The game was really boring. some might like it, but not me.


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