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MilitAnt™ is an action-packed side-scrolling platform/shooter. Set in a world ruled by insects, a lone soldier ant must defend his home colony at all costs from a brutal invasion by the termite infantry, the wasp air force and other enemy bug nations.

Packed with customizable weapon load-outs, a large variety of enemies and challenging boss battles, MilitAnt™ takes you into a rich stylized insect world, blending novel 2.5D shooter gameplay with epic platforming action.

Test your reflexes and prove your might in the biggest action adventure any player or ant has ever seen. Jump to the battlefield world of MilitAnt™ for a completely original experience of “Epic-tiny proportions”.


•Epic boss fights featuring music by award winning composer Gerard Marino

•Novel 2.5D shooter gameplay action

•Immersive single player story mode

•Intense and exciting levels

•Unlock powerful weapons

•30+ deadly enemy bugs

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MilitAnt Released


MilitAnt Brings The Battle to Steam and PlayStation®4


July 12, 2016 - Created by Xibalba Studios for the PlayStation®4 and PC (Steam™), MilitAnt is a fast twitch side-scrolling blastacular action platformer that launched worldwide today on Steam. Its PlayStation®4 version hits the US today while the European invasion is set for July 14. The PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita launches will be announced at a later date and will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save with PS4.

“We are proud to launch MilitAnt on PS4 and PC. MilitAnt is the type of shooter armed with nostalgia and advancing difficulty. It should feel both familiar and completely exotic at the same time. Most importantly, MilitAnt brings the fun back into side-scrolling shooters, which has been sorely missed recently,” said Ricardo Villarreal, CEO, Xibalba Studios.

Spawned from an incubation program, MilitAnt has earned numerous awards, such as the "Best Shooter" award from the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest. The game was also selected as a nominee for Game Connection America's "Best Project" award. Xibalba won ESA’s (Entertainment Software Association) Professional Developer category at Video Juegos MX for MilitAnt .

In MilitAnt, you play as an Ant. Deep underground, the Ants guard Crystalite which is the most precious resource. It is the chief fuel behind most modern Insect technology, from day-to-day tools to advanced weaponry. Fair trade among the many kingdoms has brought about long years of peace and prosperity, but there grows tension over the resource with some factions wanting to control it. The more envious factions have been gaining influence. War looms on the horizon.

MilitAnt opens with a sudden invasion. Termites have overrun the Ants’ colony! All seems lost. And yet, one brave Ant warrior (you) rises to the challenge. From the familiar depths of the colony’s mines, you must venture into the strange world above. When not soaring through the sky or visiting the Beetles’ mysterious realm, you’ll find yourself escaping from the jungle or being stalked in a bleak wasteland: each stage of the journey is beautiful yet dangerous, exotic and unique. Massive bosses stand in your way, each with an amazing battle theme composed by award-winner Gerard K. Marino.

In MilitAnt, players can gather quite an arsenal, from flamethrowers and sentry guns to electric beam rifles and more! And as an Ant, the warrior can carry weapons in all four hands. Preparation is key: only by unlocking and equipping the best combinations in each situation can he win victory and save the colony.

For more information about the game, please visit: www.militantgame.com

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