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METEORA is a Fast-paced Survival Combat Racer with Meteors. Inspired by the Universe of classic space movies and science documentaries; Meteora is set in the ever-moving, agitated, nascent universe just a few billion years into making, that you experience as a Meteor. Chase, take-down & dodge other meteors.Create & customize your meteor-shower. Maneuver your way through the constant action surrounding you; Destroy Planets,face a Gargantua, save a Sun and SURVIVE the Journey!

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Testing values to make Blast effect in METEORA feel more fun. We'd like to know what do you think of it so far...

In Game Feedback - WIP

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Introducing METEORA

Introducing METEORA

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We are an indie game development studio based out of Mumbai,India. We are quite a team of space nerds. It is our fascination with unexplored outer space...

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