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In a world ruled by Metal, where your axe is your main weapon, you must master the riffs and break free your raging brothers doomed by an unknown darkness.

Every level is generated randomly by a Metal God, so every gig you play will be different, explore all the places till you rise as a guitar legend.

Long live Heavy Metal!

It’s Friday and you went out to your favourite bar with your axe in your hands, you notice something wrong in the atmoshphere, the music doesn’t flow as always does in your ears, when you walk into the venue, your bro’s seem like messed up by some curse,put your amp at eleven, not at ten, eleven, and let the metal run trough your veins to fight against that unknown darkness.


Damage and speed boost plus cool desings


Number and shape modifiers of your sound and shots


Upgrade your shots with effects like poison or fire damage


You take it, you use it, simple as that?.


You can use this items when you need it, but beware and use them carefully.


Always stay close to your band, call them when you are in big trouble.

Local CO-OP:

Couch co-op for two players. Bring some snacks and play with your friends, if there isn’t a metal gig on your town.

Procedurally generated levels:

We’re building a lot of different rooms for each level, so every time you play the game you get a new experience. You will be able to play with a random seed or use one of your own, so you will be able to replay your favourite levels and share to your friends.

Tons of items:

You’ll find a lot of different guitars, effect pedals, strings, and a lot of metal related items that will make every run a new one.

Daily Mission:

Each day we’ll generate a level for all the players, and a daily winner will arise. We’ll also add seasonal leaderboards for competitive addicts.

Guitar Gods:

Each level will be guarded by a Guitar God, based on different styles of metal, from classic heavy metal to brutal death.

Different Characters:

You’ll have two characters to start with (a young boy and a girl), and a lot of different characters, from and old school headbanger to a neo-classical shredder.

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We're now on Steam Greenlight!
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We've just reached top #50 and now we need to keep pushing until we get greenlit. If you want this game on Steam, please share the link among friends, relatives or social media.

Thank you all!

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