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Economy simulation game with a sophisticated trading system where prices are exclusively determined by the supply and demand of the market participants. The game is set in medieval times and features dozens of production buildings that can be combined to form increasingly complex production chains, as your characters gain the skills to unlock more advanced production methods. Meanwhile your ships carrying raw materials or end products sail across a huge world to find the best prices. The game is browser based (mobile and computer supported) and runs at hourly ticks.

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Climate differences offer unique products and production methods, with wine in warm climates and stockfish in cold climates being the first examples to go live in Mercatorio.

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Climate impact

Trade is often driven by what is easier or cheaper to make in certain areas than in others, and one contributing factor to these differences is climate. One example is when it comes to the preservation of fish, where it in many northern areas is possible to dry fish simply by leaving it outside in the cold, dry air. The resulting dried fish has been of economical importance and a major article of trade since Viking times.

Hjell, or fish flake

The hjell is simply a wooden structure for hanging fish to dry. Various factors impacts the quality of the resulting fish, with the top quality stockfish being a sought after food all over the world. In addition to the unique stockfish, the hjell also offers those residing in northern towns an alternative way to produce regular cured fish, without requiring potentially pricey salt.

The Mercatorio Hjell, offering an alternative way to cure fish as well as stockfish, a unique new luxury product.Le vignoble, or vineyard

Another important article of trade since ancient times is wine. The grapes required to make good wine are more suited for warmer climates, and the flow of trade has long been in the opposite direction of fish. While relatively accessible in the southern countries, it has traditionally been considered a luxury in more northern areas. In Mercatorio wine is primarily consumed by the gentry, as part of their sustenance, or in prestige raising activities like banquets. Commoners will only consume small amounts of wine when times are exceedingly good.

The vignoble producing wine in a location with warm climateNew drivers of trade

A variety of new prestige raising production method have been introduced, with the top level banquet requiring both wine from south and stockfish from north, as well as the other luxuries hop beer and the new product ham. As prestige seeking players start engaging in these activities new flows of trade are required, benefiting both producers and transporters.

The cold and warm regions of Mercatorio, with the majority of towns enjoying the moderate weather in-between (though sadly having to rely on imports for their stockfish and wine)

Go check out the world of Mercatorio for yourself at Mercatorio.io or go ask questions and learn more on the Discord server Discord.com

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