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The game's story is based around short-circuiting a large invasion brought about from the Galaxion Empire, four oddballs are chosen and assembled under "The Menagerie" to accomplish this task. This plot is helped along by two defectives of the said empire. Tac Talismina and her genetic son, Spooky Schema, who is one of the Menagerie himself. I think Tac as voiced by Kate Holden may do a better job of explaining this than I am.

Thanks are also to be extended to BasilMeer, my employee who did the voice acting for Gerald in that video.


  • Menagerie boasts a deep and well balanced sideview combat system. With buffs and debuffs you'll come to rely on, every boss has thoroughly tested and well implemented mechanics, and strategy is a huge part of winning. If you go in with the assumption spam attacking will let you win, you'll find you're gravely mistaken very quickly.
  • To compliment it's combat, the game harvests a gathering and fusion system, which allows you to break and collect resources from your surrounding environment and use them to make items of varied use.
  • If the several hours of Linear gameplay content weren't enough, there is a very big focus on optional content, this is especially evident later in the game, where the Origin Galaxy is opened up to the player and you can explore several intriguing alien worlds and defeat optional bosses who provide a very real challenge.
  • The game boasts seven intense video sequences the likes of which very few rpg maker games see. These help greatly in defining what is going on and are epic cinematics to boot.
  • Each character is well thought out and has a skillset fitting of their personality. Each has a unique favorite stat and several personality quips and disorders to round them out.
  • Each world is polished with love and attention to detail, making exploration not only rewarding, but enticing as well.
  • Several tiers of optional content open up as you progress in the current tier, and 4 whole weapon tiers are devoted to Optional conquest, as well as several new zones.
  • Amidst the turn based battles, several player-dependant events are also available, fighting a villain while riding a meteor through space and taking a warship head on are only two of many examples.
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Over 50 enemies
  • 100+ Items
  • Progress-based leveling curve.
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State Rebate:
There is certainly one thing I've noticed when other people have played this game, and that is that states are very hard to cipher sometimes, and some are way too powerful to be used by players, and are cheap feeling when used by bosses, so states are undergoing a large, but save friendly revamp!

  • Each state now has a short name, followed with a brief explanation of what it does (in brackets).
  • Several states which force loss of control have been removed, such as villain, berserk and confusion, stun remains as it's very handy against some bosses, such as the Dislocated Legends. The reason for this is that loss of control isn't fun, and there are less artificial ways to make bosses challenging.
  • New awesome states are being added, such as Armor Break, Magic Break, and Elemental damage over time effects.
  • The abilities Purify and Optimism are being rolled into Purify, the same goes for Erasure and Pessimism.
  • Fatty will no longer gain a health benefit when morphing into bear form, in exchange he cannot be stunned or lose control in any form sans exceptions such as Temptress' Bite.
  • Elemental attacks will now inflict a corresponding damage over time effect. It's only 1% but on some bosses this is priceless.

Here's the second huge change.

Zardari Finale
I got some very legitimate advice about the final battle with Zardari, so I've corrected a lot that I went wrong with.

  • Zardari will still have 12 Million HP.
  • He will now cast bigger spells based on the HP that remains. 80% Wide Slash, 60% Galactic Strike, 40% Titan Strike, 20% The Cyan Reaches.
  • The Demigods will no longer interfere, it's all up to the player now.
  • Alike all bosses, Zardari isn't immune to elemental damage over time effects.
  • A new music track will play throughout the entire fight, rather than having it switch up.
  • Zardari will still use power surge, but dependent on the health that remains rather than by turn. he'll reach 4 stacks by 10%, and each 20% prior he'll apply a single stack. (90%, 70% 50%, and so on.)
  • Zardari has lots of nasty new tricks to keep you on your toes, such as an attack which inflicts curse. Giving himself extra turns (which can be dispelled), buffing himself to reflect magic, or entirely avoid melee attacks, etc.)
  • Throughout the fight, the characters and Zardari will interact, by 40% health Zardari starts showing he's impressed.
  • By 5%, Zardari goes berserk, with 8 stacks of power surge, it's now vital to kill him as fast as possible.

Other Changes

  • Fatty's Pessimism ability will be replaced with an ability that inflicts curse on an opponent.
  • Fatty's Optimism will be replaced with an ability that restores 25% EP to the party at the cost of some of his health.
  • Abilities will now clarify their modifier.
  • All instances of MP will be changed to EP.
  • The Insanity debuff from using gatekeeper will now be dispelled on death and after battle.
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Menagerie: Remastered! (Patch 1.1)

Menagerie: Remastered! (Patch 1.1)

Full Version

Along with all the original features, this MCP (Major Content Patch) adds some large improvements to what few things merited improvement. One large thing...

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