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A room-based platformer game about exploring underground levels full with ghosts and lava. You may find extra lives, some treasure, and a tool to make jumps really count.

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Mazeglaser is out somehow.


Hi, my first game Mazeglaser a 2d platformer is finally out, a year later, then the release date, oops. Made with c++ and Dx11(with dx10 layer), this baby needs at least a Win7 and a Dx10 gpu. The original game comes from 10 years ago, made for a game jam, I originally used a DirectDraw2 surface and self made sw rendering. Some month ago I beefed up the graphics, ported to directx, added some extra effects. The player is rotoscoped into the game, heh, it is I, actually. This must sound iffy, but trust me. There are some variety of enemies, enviromental hazards (lava, erupting lava), lot of secret rooms, even a secret level.
Finally, there is a leveleditor too.
Here's the Itch.io page (it' so free!): Peterfuleki.itch.io

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