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A metroidvania-esque fast-packed platformer shooter featuring a lonley robot-dude stranded all alone on a very hostile planet.

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M.A.Y.R.A. Arcade Demo was released at the Assembly 2012 computer festival in Helsinki, Finland, in the Game Development competition. This was a tremendous relief for the whole dev team, as only two weeks prior to the festival, I lost all of my source code in a hard disk failure (backups! backups!!! do as I say, not as I do, kids), so we quite literally had to recreate the whole thing from scratch. As if that wasn't enough, the week prior to the deadline, I was diagnosed with a inflammation in my foot, which was very painful and severly limited my movement, causing additional stress and loss of sleep.

With that in mind, the game ending up finishing 9th in the competition was a definite success for us, and looking at the top-10, we're definitely in good company. Now that Assembly is over, we're back on track with the development of the actual game, even though we will probably still release updates to the arcade version as well, and possibly release other types of demos along the way.

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Arcade Demo / Engine Test v.0.9.1b

Arcade Demo / Engine Test v.0.9.1b


An engine test that features an arcade mode style game mechanic and demonstrates the controls and the look of the game well, even if the gameplay is very...

ildamos - - 226 comments

Cool! Tracked!

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eagle156 - - 5 comments

Is your soundtrack original? The tune in the demo is great, I'd pay for a full albums worth of that stuff.

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shinmai Creator
shinmai - - 2 comments

Hey, thanks! Yep, all three songs (the menu music, in-game soundtrack and the tune in the trailer) are by our resident musician/sound designer Ville Mansikkaviita, and composed specificly for the game.

When the game is finished, we'll definitely make the soundtrack available on cdbaby/bandcamp/elsewhere. I know it'll be a bit of a wait, but stay tuned! :)

It's mostly not in a very similar vein, but Ville's SoundCloud is Soundcloud.com there's a full set he did on a DS-10 while vacationing in France, and some older progressive dusbtep tracks. When not buzy with McBurrobit or his day job, he also does vocals for the Finnish death metal band Human Sculpture, whose work can be found at Soundcloud.com
I think it's evident he's certainly a very musically versatile individual.

Like I said, though, stay tuned, future demos will include new levels, which means new music :)

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