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Welcome to your new job as a Remote Dream Analyst!

You’re responsible for guiding Matilda through a nightmare of being chased by an incessant, sinister monster. Turning on lights will slow it down. Shining the flashlight will freeze it temporarily. But nothing will save Matilda from its unending attempts to get her … except reaching the Dream Exit.


  • Fun, intense, heart-racing pursuit-based gameplay.
  • Ominous, eerie atmosphere.
  • Engrossing, unearthly sound design.
  • Menacing monster.
  • High score rankings.
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It's amazing how much our creations can transform, even in a short period of time. This project has been a challenge despite it's casual nature. At any rate, it is done.

Over the last week I consulted my daughter on a couple of points, including the name and what features a scary monster should have (she said sharp teeth and sharp claws), and I feel the game is better thanks to her input.

Anyway, we plan to do a soft launch on Google Play on Wednesday so if you have an Android device I hope you will check it out (I'll be sure to let you all know when it's live). For the time being, here's a quick gameplay video.

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