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When you were a child, you heard the rumors of the old house right? You know, the sort that you tell to people when you don't really understand what's going on there? Well, the rumors about the old house are about as wild as you can get: from aliens, to cultist, and zombies, to Cthulhu. But, one of them always stood out from the rest, simply because it wasn't over the top. The rumor goes that, inside of the old house is the spirit of...well no one ever says what it's the spirit of, but many of them believe it to be a child. Anyway, the rumor goes that, if you go near the old house on a moonless Wednesday, and they're always adamant about Wednesday, you will here music playing, much like a child's first attempt at a song. If you go into the old house, the music will resolve itself into "Mary had a little lamb", and it will sound like it was played by a one fingered musician. Now, if you hang about in the house long enough, you'll start to hear the words to the song, but, they'll come at you like they were the only words the person knew. And they won't be pretty either, as it will also sound like those words are his treasure, and the mere fact you're hearing them is a disgrace. At this point, most of the stories end their, as the kids tend to try to spook you out with some other details. Except for this one kid. I found him a while ago, about half a mile from the old house, and all he was doing was rocking back and forth muttering that song to himself. He also... he also had blood on his face, and I never once saw him blink. When I got close to him, he looked at me, no, more like through me, and said, "If you hear the music, walk. If you hear the singing, run. If you hear the scrapping, it's too late." I still think that kid was on drugs, 'cause he never shut up about it. Well anyway, I bet you're wondering why I brought up something as crazy as an urban rumor aren't you? Well, I just thought you'd want to know since it goes with what you're doing: four kids have gone missing, and their friends claims that they went into the old house. Your job: get in there, and find them. If you can't find them... then get out alive. Have fun.

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Due to a large number of technical difficulties I have run into (mainly my computer's inability to run the engine for any useful length of time anymore) I am delaying Mary until I have a computer which can run for a good length of time. I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to get this working as soon as possible.

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