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Many Faces is a classic, retro arcade shooter from the 90s. Blast your way through randomly generated levels to confront the Many Face King! While you were sleeping on your comfy rock, he abducted you to make you join the faces! Now he’s got to pay! And you still need your beauty sleep!

Random Levels:

Every play through is never the same! There are over 50+ levels in the game, but each run will only take you through 17 of them. On top of that, dozens of levels are filled with various hazards to avoid.

The Faces:

Fight over a dozen different enemy face types, each with it's own unique movement and attack pattern. They're everywhere!


There are 7 challenging bosses to overcome, but each run mixes up who you fight and in what order. Try to destroy them all!


Look good while you’re kicking butt! You will have the chance to wear over a dozen different hats. These give you unique abilities or gun modifications to aid you in your fight. Pick wisely, you can only wear 1 hat at a time and take it with you to the next level.


Listen to a lovely 8-bit soundtrack provided by great contributors at OpenGameArt. Music is also randomized on each run to add a little spice.

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You see, you don’ have to throw everything and the kitchen sink into a video game to make it enjoyable. There is a reason someone coined the phrase “keep it simple stupid.” A tightly made game with fluid controls and well designed concepts can be more entertaining than the latest Call of Doody ( and I meant the misspelling). That’s why something like Many Faces had to emerge, seemingly out of the deep void of stellar space. It’s here as a reminder that less is more, and the simple can be great!

What Part of Space Did it Come From?

The empty space in my own head! Yes, it’s sadly true. I am not sure what else is really worthwhile in there. Anyway, I grew tired of following the latest FPS and open world games. For the longest time, I played nothing but Bio Shock, Borderlands, Fallout 3, etc . . . and then one day . . . sniff . . . I had to get a full-time job. I KNOW, it’s a tragedy. No more time to dedicate to long campaigns and character building. That is when I discovered Indie games, and never looked back. Small developers, making tightly made retro style games from the days of old. I was immediately inspired and knew instantly I wanted to contribute to the same community.

That’s A Great Story, NOT!

OK, I hear you, “tell me about the game,” you say. No problem. Many Faces will take you back to the times you put the quarter in the machine. A simple esthetic and color pallet coupled with simple controls and lovely 8-bit music. You were just napping on a rock, when suddenly an alien spaceship abducts you. Aboard are the Many Faces and they want you to join their crew. It’s up to you and your trusty blaster to defeat the faces and the Many Face King to escape the ship and get back to your nap. How is that for as story.

Tell Us More!

Ask, and you shall receive. Many Faces will take you through 17 of its 50+ challenging and randomized levels with each run. You will encounter 5 of 7 different bosses on each play through and get the opportunity to wear several different hats. Yes, hats! Hats give your player unique abilities or gun modifications to confront your enemies. Unlock Steam achievements to prove you’re the game master!

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Have you had enough Fortnite? Are you sick of your brain having to work so hard just to play a videogame? Well, then Many Faces is your trip to that fun retro arcade experience. Don’t let its simple appearance and gameplay mechanics fool you. This tightly made game is challenging, easy to pick up, and a blast to play.

Many Faces will be available on Steam January 7th.

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