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Journey across a beautiful, ethereal island in your quest to find and reactivate the ancient Manaliths.

  • Walk, run, climb, swim, and glide through meadows, woods, jungles, and caverns.
  • Forge your own path, with most of the island accessible from the moment you arrive.
  • Use your magic to summon mystical torches to light your way, sense nearby items, blast through secret walls, and fast-travel across the island.
  • Collect items that extend your stamina, improve your magical abilities, and more.
  • Wander and explore at your own pace, without fear or stress.

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Evening skyline

Manalith is a gorgeous first person adventure set on a strange, surreal island.

Fog and flowers

You'll wander through beautiful spaces searching for the one hundred lost Manaliths.


To find all of the island's secrets you'll also need to climb to its highest plateau and dive down to deep underwater caves.


Along the way you'll discover items that help you climb higher, run farther, swim faster, locate objects, and blast open secret passages.

Sunset in the woods

You'll also find ways to change the shape of the island itself, opening up short-cuts and alternate routes.

A strange metal land

Manalith release date announced!

Manalith release date announced!

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The ultra-chill first person exploration game, Manalith, will be available for purchase via Steam on January 29, 2021!

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