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Meet Magichet - a sandbox game (MOD for a modded Minetest engine) with steel and magic!

Fight, Dig, Build, Farm, Breed, Enchant, Uncover hidden places, Become a Ghost or Go all Industrial: It's for you to decide your destiny. A sanbox game with an RPG touch, over 20 biomes, magic, industry, wires and pistons for you to build mechanisms, a damsel in distress and much more: great adventures, and even greater loot are waiting for you.

Create a world and make it yours by deciding it's fate!

Magichet is based upon a modded Minetest engine and can be viewed upon as a mod to use with that engine.

Magichet is not affiliated/sponsored with/by neither Mojang nor Microsoft.

Magichet is a project to create a good Minecraft substitute (not a clone) with a plot and vast usage of RPG-like mechanics.

Here's a quick list of what comes to mind on Minecraft don't have and Magichet does:

- Machines out-of the box

- Several layers with quests to go deeper

- A way to become a ghost

- Reincarnators

- Start dungeon teaching basics

- Per-player language for in-game messages in Multiplayer

- Enchantments can be shared

- 20 different types of armor

- 9 classes of materials to make tools

- Magic tomes

- Goblins, Efreets, Wormholes, Ostriches, 6 types of Elementals

- Personal guide to help a player

- Craft guide

- Over 20 biomes

- 6 professions

- Shared chests

- Over 10 different crops

- A Jetpack

- Mobs that equip items they found

- NPCs which pick up items

- NPCs with inventories that can be looted

- Moon phases

- Over 10 types of trees

- Armour set-bonuses

- Doors and chests that can't be opened w/o a key

- In-game guidance explaining newly available activities

- Per-block destruction rate

- Invisible to non-ghost players blocks

- Ectoplasm and Ghostly Blocks

- Support Chat Commands

- A way to get advanced tools w/o Enchantment

- Craftable Beacons to create Warp Points

and much more!

Early versions of magichet can be found at minetest.net free of charge.

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