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Gamepad Controls

Press A: to sprint or to initiate dialog
Press B: attack / range attack / air kick
Press X: jump / double jump / wall jump
Press Y: charge up an energy wave.
Release Y: fire the charged energy wave.
Press Start: pause game and open menu
Press Back: explode (in case you see no other way out)

Left Analog Stick Left-Right: precise movement of character(seamless from idle to walk to run)
Left Analog Stick Down: crouch / slide while sprinting
Left Analog Stick: Aim the energy wave while charging / Aim an attack in the air
Right Analog Stick: Move Camera

Keyboard Controls

Player 1:
left/right arrow: character movement
up/down arrow: : crouch / slide while sprinting
arrows: aim the energy wave while charging
j: sprint
k: attack
press l: charge energy wave
release l: fire energy wave
i: jump

Player 2:
a/d: character movement
w/s: crouch / slide while sprinting
wasd: aim the energy wave while charging
f: sprint
g: attack
press h: charge energy wave
release h: fire energy wave
t: jump


Mad Squad is a colorful physics-based 2.5D Multiplayer Action Jump-And-Run with a unique game mechanic. Use energy waves to keep off your foes, to move objects or even to blast yourself or other players into the air.

Up to 4 players play at the same time and solve physics-based puzzles and fight their way across an action-packed, beautiful world. Explore plenty of unique levels and a heart-warming and funny storyline about a special forces squad, their dog and the mission to save the world. Work together and cooperate with each other, and defeat Little Timmy, an emo kid that leads an army of shadows into a war against humanity.


In Mad Squad, you take on the role of a special forces unit that moves through a detailed and colorful 3D world with realistic physics. Use your creativity and your special power to utilize the environment on your journey through carefully crafted levels.

In classic Jump-And-Run tradition, you move from left to right. You encounter NPCs that forward the storyline in a funny manner, and fight of the hostile army of shadows.

The player share the same screen similar to Little Big Planet and New Super Mario Bros. The distance between the multiple players is handled through the camera's zoom and all player are visible at all times. So no annoying off-screen deaths in case someone falls behind.

As fun as this game is to play alone, its real strength lies in the multiplayer aspect. Cooperating has never been this fun, as you have the precise control over your energy wave. The energy wave even reflects physically correct of hit objects. This enables, you for example, to shoot on the ground and get blasted into the air by the reflected energy.

The game also has some Beat-Em-Up elements. Each character has its own set of attacks and varies in speed in strength, making each character somewhat unique to play. All characters and enemies are equipped with a ragdoll, so feel free to punch them as hard as you can, and watch them flying towards the sunrise.

The game is intended to be easy and intuitive to pick up and is best played with a gamepad. The controls and animations are precisely synched through using the so-called root motion of the animation. This means that models (e.g. the player) are only moved through the movement of the animation which results in a natural look. Combine this approach with Animation Blend Trees, and you get a precise and transitionless movement between standing still to running for your life.


Follow me on twitter and like the facebook page to get updates: twitter.com/InterstellarGS

I also live stream the development on a regular basis at:

Reinhard aka Interstellar Game Studios

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VIENNA, Austria – August 29, 2015 – Interstellar Game Studios relaunches its Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for Mad Squad with a new demo update. Mad Squad is a physics-based, 2.5D, Co-op Action-Platformer. Get the windows demo for up to 4 players here.

update off mad squad v1.3.0

In Mad Squad, you take on the role of a special forces unit with a dog, on a mission to save the world. You move through a voxel-themed world with realistic physics, and encounter NPCs that forward the storyline. Each character has its own set of attacks and can fire energy blasts to interact with the environment.

The relaunch of the two campaigns comes with an update for the demo. The update delivers optimized physics and all-new energy blasts which are now in a cubic style.

Mad Squad is an indie game, developed by Interstellar Game Studios. It is currently running campaigns on Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. The official release is planned for early 2016 for PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

Interstellar Game Studios is the alias for the game developer Reinhard Zach, based in Vienna, Austria.
To find out more visit www.InterstellarGameStudios.com

Trailer 720p 48fps: Youtube.com
Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com
IndieGogo: Indiegogo.com
Steam Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

Press Assets: Interstellargamestudios.com

Co-op Platformer Mad Squad now on Steam Greenlight

Co-op Platformer Mad Squad now on Steam Greenlight


Physics-based Co-op Action-Platformer takes the Steam Greenlight challange with a demo for up to 4 players.

Physics-Based Co-op Action-Platformer Mad Squad Gets Makeover

Physics-Based Co-op Action-Platformer Mad Squad Gets Makeover

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Interstellar Game Studios releases a big update for Mad Squad with all-new cinematic trailer and a new demo for up to 4 players. Mad Squad is a physics-based...

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Alpha Demo v3.0.0 of Mad Squad for up to 4 players.


Looks awesome for sure. Will check it out with friends!

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InterstellarGS Creator

Check out the early bird specials and support the project on Kickstarter!
Support and vote at Steam Greenlight!

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