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Ludus silva is a sandbox/strategy game native to the South-eastern region of Australia, eventually with a worldwide distribution. Plants are player-designed using a wide variety of options, from structural and functional parts, to colours and textures. Players may design to purely aesthetic standards if they wish, but best results are achieved by designing to suit environmental conditions. Plants must compete for sunlight as well as water and mineral resources in the soil. A successful forest will have a variety of species spread over a large area. A wide variety of environments exist, from temperate, fertile plains to more difficult areas: such as deserts, swamps and mountain tops. Current development is only just into the prototyping phase, but has already sprouted promising results.


Developed By jayelinda The first Ludus silva demo has arrived. Here we present the Plant Editor, allowing you to create any number of weird or wonderful plants. Features of the demo include: 3 Plant presets 1 Photo scene, with 3 skies for taking beautiful pictures of your creations Feel free to drop by the Ludus silva forums to share your creations, give feedback or ask any questions you might have. Have fun!

Ludus silva
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