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Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past is an action/thriller/horror FPS game. The game focuses on patience and determination from the player, but with some arcade elements such as: Dash ability or double jumb ability in order to help you get out from extreme situations. But using all your abilities will have an cost. If your energy reaches 0 your suit will shut down and the hud will dissapear, your hp will not regenerate, your movement will slow down and you will not be able to use your abilities. It is a single player game that focuses on the story of Jospeph " Lazarus " Alexander, the human from the past that came back to life and is helped by a team of soldiers from the EDF to escape the facility that is collapsing.

Post news RSS Lost Memories Ghosts of the Past version 9.4.0 changelog

After almost 3 years of work the demo for the project that i am working on as the sole developer is almost finished. The playtime of the demo will depend on the player skill, but the time will be around 40-120 minutes. once the pre-demo hits the version 1.0.0 i will release it on Steam.

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Hello guys! A new build will be available soon with the next updates ( build 0.9.4):

  • Redone the lighting for the whole demo
  • Redone the post process for the whole demo
  • Added a new atmosphere to the Training facility demo
  • Added a short cutscene in the Cryogenic level ( with the character inside the cryo pod )
  • Added volumetric clouds
  • Divided the Operation Trojan horse in 4 sub-levels to improve the optimization of the level, added different lighting to the sublevels
  • Decreased the difficulty of the level boss and his health
  • Increased the speed of the shuttle arrival at the end of the level
  • Disabled the film grain and chromatic aberration to improve the visuals quality
  • Added new skybox
  • Further improvements to the A.I

Video with the updated gameplay:

To be added in the next 6 builds ( 0.9.5-1.0.0 ):

  • New faces and facial animation for the main characters
  • Improving the subtitle system
  • Backround music for all levels
  • Improve the sound atmosphere for the levels ( sound effects: steam, electic buzz, light buzz, atmosphere, etc. )
  • Possible an overhaul for the weapon system ( aim down sights on right click, getting rid of the unarmed animations, new locomotion system, weapon customization, new recoil system, lean system, new reload animations, new locomotion animations, new aiming system ). The overhaul will be made according to the budget ( between 0.9.7 and 1.0.0 )
  • Story cutscene ( voice acting + text ) skip functionality
  • New voices for characters played by voice actors ( instead of A.I generated voices )

Thank you,
Lost Memories developer Dan Ionita

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