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A 2D Space RPG / Space Shooter bringing elements from games like Freelancer and combining them with popular modern elements such as random loot, leveling and a skill point system. Market, Trade, or fight your way through 73 unique Systems with over 500 unique locations spanning the 5 Factions. With a story bringing the player through the 5 factions and their ideologies, it is up to the player to decide how the story will end.

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Devblog showing the new movement + guns + modifiers

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In this latest devblog, I show off the new ship movement physics, the new guns and all the unique modifiers you can have on each gun. Each modifier can do things like make the bullets larger, or deal more damage, or move faster, or make the bullets curve, increase or decrease accuracy, add damage effects like corrosion, melting, and electric, or status effects like disrupted or stunned. There are plenty more, and more to be added. With the total aim around 50-100 prefixes and 50-100 suffixes allowing for up to 10,000 unique combinations PER GUN, with an aim of 100-200 unique base guns there is going to be 1 million+ unique combinations of weapons, and then all the same for the shields, specials, and engines.

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