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With most of Boston left to a complete desolation, many have worked together to rebuild Massachusetts, yet a man named Roberto de Piero, who's in contact with the Sicilian Mafia, has terrorized the folks, in the attempt of a coup in USA... The question is, who can be strong enough to take on this coup?

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Update: Intro to the Game


Greetings, folks! You may realize that the old page for the other game has been deleted. Well, there are a few reasons, and I would like to explain them through this list:

  1. Dislike of the title
  2. Game didn't have progress at all
  3. Disput between the staff

So, with this reasons, I cancelled the game, it literally ceased to exist. But, knowing that I can't simply keep this page like this, I thought that I could update it with a new idea I had! Unfortunately, the game will start taking development first in May of 2018, since I need to hire many new staff members, find alot of tutorials on Lynda.com and simply write the scripts, edit the music and more!

I hope that you are all excited for this brand new game.

Arrival: September 2020.

Okay, that's all.

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