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As a powerful wizard, you start by ruling a small nation as you plot to take over the world! Rule over seven diverse races, from shapeshifting Theria, to spider-riding Dwarves, to the decadent Regency. Explore a vast fantasy world, expand by building more cities, battle the armies of rival wizards, and cast earth-shattering enchantments to ensure your victory.

Leylines is a 4X game, a turn-based strategy game of exploration and conquest. The game features 150 different units and 80 different spells, customizable heroes and a map editor.

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After much toiling and refining, Crystal Shard are delighted to announce that Leylines, a 4X turned based fantasy strategy game, is now available on Steam! Please check out our game here:

Leylines is a 4X game, a turn-based strategy game of exploration and conquest. Features include:

  • Fast gameplay that avoids micromanagement.
  • Seven unique races with each their own tech tree; no shared units with slightly different stats. Over 180 units in total, including summons and customizable hero units.
  • Over 90 diverse spells. Clone enemy units, deploy ghosts to reduce enemy morale, cast tidal waves to move ships around, and use illusion to disguise your units as something else. Plus fireballs, of course.
  • Tactical terrain. Jungle and mountains are impassable to most units, and desert will damage them. Build watchtowers and explosives on the map, and use your magic to move mountains.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack by Royal Holloway composer Nikolas Sideris, known from games such as Resonance, Diamonds in the Rough, and A Tale of Two Kingdoms.
  • Multiplayer support, locally with hotseat and/or splitscreen.
  • Of course there will be achievements and Steam trading cards. A scenario editor is also included.

Leylines - now available on Steam!

Leylines - now available on Steam!

Leylines - now available on Steam!

Leylines - now available on Steam!

Leylines - Elf City Screen

Leylines - Magic Screen

Leylines - on Steam Greenlight!

Leylines - on Steam Greenlight!

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Leylines is a 4X turn based fantasy strategy by Crystal Shard. Please help get Leylines on Steam by voting on Greenlight!

Leylines - Gameplay Video

Leylines - Gameplay Video


Gameplay footage of Leylines. This footage goes through six turns ordering the troops around; making a bid for a dwarven mercenary (they'll join the highest...

Leylines - New Features

Leylines - New Features


A list of new improvements in Leylines from its first incarnation in 2004.

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Leylines Demo

Leylines Demo


Leylines is a turn-based strategy game of exploration and conquest.

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