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We are doing a Kickstarter to fund the development:


In this bullet hell rogue-lite, you are a pirate who travels from ship to ship in order to kill the captains to free his crew, avenge them & unravel the mystery of the hidden treasure of Leviathan.

Each run will be different due to the randomized dungeons and loot!

Find different loot each session to make each run unique! Battle through evil crews to find your way to the boss.

But beware, you'll lose your treasures when you die.

Hundreds of different items to make each session unique!

Powerful companions, fiery dodgerolls, summing bombs and even electric bullets!

But not all treasure are free to take. Creating new challenges based on your decision and skill.

Use your luck at the gambling tables, heal up at dining tables, find secret rooms & use your well earned money to enhance your power at the local shop.

While rescuing your crew they will become part of your team once again! Meet them at the tavern in between your runs to spice up your future runs! Increasing the treasure pools, giving new hints, kill quests and even unlocking new game modes!

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Welcome to our game: Leviathan's Sword!

It's a bullet hell rogue-lite with pirates, swords and lots of treasure!

In this game, you are a pirate who travels from ship to ship in order to kill the captains to free his crew, avenge them & unravel the mystery of the hidden treasure of the Leviathan.

Kickstarter screen copy

What makes us special?

  • 5 ships "dungeons" each in their own unique style, with their own enemies and bosses!
  • A hand-made dungeon generation system so no run will be the same!
  • Over 150 unique items to mix and match, making each run unique!
  • Bullet hell patterns that you have to dodge and destroy!
  • Plenty of NPC's to free & doubloons to collect!
  • Expand your harbour and gain new features like; quests, gamemodes, shops, playable characters, and more!
  • Co-op, so you can play locally with a friend!
  • Daily challenges with a leaderboard!
  • And much, much more to come!

What's the game?

Type: Roguelite/Bullet hell Players: 1-2 Platform: Steam

Duration: 20-40 min per run, with over 100+ hours of total playtime

Plays: Easy to learn, hard to master Controls: Keyboard/mouse & Controller

Similar games: Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon

We can use your help!

We have a Kickstarter page that is currently gaining traffic, so check it out!

Thank you so much for checking out our game!

Join us at Twitter

Or Discord

And ofcourse: Kickstarter

- Michel

Nosgalor Games

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