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Legends Of Wolf River is a turn-based, isometric RPG set in a fantasy world. Vidar and his sister, Ryver, both come from a background of fighting. However, as their father goes missing fighting wild beasts, both decide it is time to act. As they set out on their quest, they discover strange facts about the beasts. Some beast are ill, driven to attack due to pain. Some beasts are trained to attack, causing worry and panic. Lastly, some beasts are controlled by magic, being forced to attack by some unknown source. Within a short time, Ryver falls ill, and is taken to the castle doctor in the royal city for help. Unfortunately, the doctor knows little about this strange new disease that makes the creature so hostile. While searching for a cure in neighboring villages and towns, Vidar meets three companions—Azurine, a fierce fighter skilled in herbs and healing; Leif, a master of communication with animals; and Hemming, a human-turned-feline mage. These four are aided by Jerod, the royal trainer; Gwydion, the royal magician; Valencia, the royal doctor; and the queen herself, Reia. Between the eight of them, they must stop the violent beasts and discover who is behind it before it’s too late.

Inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and modern Turn Based Tactical games such as the Xcom remake and The Banner Saga, Legends Of Wolf River will incorporate the best features and design elements of the most inspirational turn base tactical adventure games as well as providing our own unique game play strategies.

Developed by Broadstories an independent game studio developing awesome games with complex story lines. Founded in 2015 by Alexander Gladwell and Rowan Brothers, the goal of Broadstories is to create engaging, story-driven games.

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Welcome to the Legends of Wolf River

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The first in a series of News updates exclusive to IndieDB we would like to introduce the characters that will make Legends of Wolf River and the story behind it so special.

Leif, Hemming, Max and Azurine

The Fighter

Trained in the art of the sword, as his father and his father’s father were, Max is ready for action. His father’s disappearance is the perfect time for him to prove his skills. Protecting his younger sister, fighting back beasts, arguing with castle guards, and being the hero sounds like the perfect life to young Max.

The Mage

Born into a family of mages, Hemming was trained since birth in the magical arts, along with his elder brother and sister. As the youngest of the family, Hemming often had to put up with teasing and pranks. Having his bed turned into wriggling snakes during the night became so common that Hemming no longer even awoke.
Then, when his brother turned sixteen and took his magic exam, something went wrong. A spell went awry, changing Hemming from the handsome, brown-haired, fifteen-year-old boy into a human-sized cat. Of course, his brother swears it was an accident. Yet, even now, after years and years of arguing with his brother, neither Hemming nor anyone from his family can find a way to change him back to human.

The Beastmaster

Having lived most of their entire life in the forest, both with Granny and alone, learning the ways of the beasts, Leif has discovered a way of interpreting and taming the animals around him. They can communicate with the others in a way no one else can, connecting with them and talking to them. With their skills, they can bind creatures to themselves and members of their party, having the creatures fight for their side. Leif’s biggest desire is to catalogue and train every single animal in the forests, fields, desert, and mountainside around their home, to bind them to themselves and their teammates, and to create a pack of every creature they can. Not only would this create a strong pack of creatures, but it would also ensure that Leif would never be alone, without friends or family, as they had been in the beginning.

The Ranger

Just over a year after her father left, Azurine’s mother began to grow very sick and weak. She had been working sixteen to eighteen hours per day, with only short breaks to eat. Azurine watched as her mother wasted away in bed, growing thin and pale before dying. After the burial, without saying a word to her sister, Azurine left. At just eight years old, she fled to the woods and built herself a small shelter within a hollow tree. There she lived and experimented with different herbs, roots, and plants found in the forest. She discovered which she could eat and which not by watching the wildlife around her. Now ten years later, Azurine’s skill with herbs has multiplied. She works with animals, curing them of small illnesses and helping them. The animals near her home—which is now a rather large cave—know her and often come by her as she picks the plants she needs for the day or works on a new concoction.

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