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Labyrinth Explorer is a Hack 'n' Slash with horror elements, the labyrinth in which you awake is always random generated, so every playthrough is different. The Monsters are random generated too so are the items in the game.

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Hey guys!

We can't present any new screenshots this time, because the new content isn't finished yet, but we still wanted to inform you about what we have so far.

The worlds are now endless, a bit like in minecraft. This feature also came with a new levelgeneration system. This means we are also a step closer to multiple dimensions(Hint Hint!). We also implemented the new inventory system. It enables the player to equip items, so only equipped items have an effect, not all items in the inventory. We added functionality so the player can use different types of weapon and use the according animations for the weapon. We also added 3 new monsters: Goblin, Earth-Elemental and the Dragon Guard. The Dragon Guard is a little boss who will occasionally guard a dimension portal. There are now new assets for the standard dungeon, but we didnt update the level generator yet to include it.

We created assets for a new type of dungeon: the ice dungeon. This will be a new dimension and will have a different layout than the standard dungeon.

Ice Dungeon Preview:
LE -Dev_Pic_2

Labyrinth Explorer - Development News #1

Labyrinth Explorer - Development News #1


Development article #1. Here are the News about the Progress from Labyrinth Explorer.

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