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KROMAIA is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter which takes action, speed, agility and immersion to a new level. Insane enemy patterns and swarms, giant god-like guardians, ancient temples, contraptions and treasures, visual ecstasy... All in a vast and unexplored universe only ruled by physic laws. What if the coin-op machines golden age started today, adding complex maneuverability abilities, encouraging spatial awareness, as well as an A.I. adapting to the way you play? Here is the chance to know.

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more-badass says

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Take your common dual stick shooter, take the hectic gameplay and hordes of enemies, place it in expansive worlds filled with intriguing abstract architect, and you'd have Kromaia.

Kromaia is a stylish arcade shooter that delivers both challenging frenetic gameplay and a visually exciting experience. Screenshots don't do this game justice. You have a number of ships to choose from, with their own style and weapons. From the standard laser/shotgun blasting ship to the melee-focused/shuriken-throwing variety, each vessel plays differently and is animated with moving parts and other cool details.

The core of the gameplay is the frenetic shooting. Your ship is extremely maneuverable, able to roll and strafe with ease, and you need such agility to evade the moving hazards and dozens of enemies across each world. The battles shift from tight trench runs through tunnels and past rotating spikes to open shootouts with enemy ships while avoiding asteroids and you have to be adapt in an instant. The levels are huge and filled with an abstract mix of pillars, mechanical constructs, and other weird structures.


burtz87 says

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Wow, this is really fun. It reminds me of a lot of very different games (Descent, Wipeout, Starfox, Galaga) but it still feels totally unique and uncomplicated. The controls are tight and responsive, it's challenging but fair, and switching between hulls is great. The color change is refreshing and all of the weapons are fun to use. Well done!


mrKaizen says

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I supported Kromaia on the indiegogo campaign - I was very impressed after I saw the video: the gfx style is amazing with a simple but very original use of 3D gfx and the gameplay looks very promising.
Then I played the first alphas and I fell in love... maybe it's me that like this type of shoot'em up, but I think that you should give it a try, especially if you like (original) 3D spaceship shoot'em up .

Btw: it's made by 2 guys - I'm also a member of a 2 men dev team and I know how much difficult it is - and what they made is ASTONISHING.


SolarLune says

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Okay, so Kromaia is a space-ish six degrees of freedom neon-visual shooter, and it's fun. Really fun. The graphics are great, the music awesome, and the feel of the game is really good. Your ship feels responsive, but has a lot of weight and drifting to it, making fast-moving fights really dangerous and exhillerating. I've only played a few minutes of it, but it's already grabbed me.


barbaricspacewhale says

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This game is beautiful. Between the huge floating architecture, solid techno art style, and intuitive controls and game mechanics, it makes a good example of what originality and good design can make. I would almost buy this game as it is, and it's still in alpha.

From what I understand of the story, you play as a rogue sentient spaceship in a Tron-like world, guided by a mysterious voice to find out who you are. You have complete freedom to move around in any direction in the universe, and there's no "up" or "down." You fight huge swaths of enemies that cooperate to make wonderful formations and give you a hard time, depending on your play style.

Also, there is a ninja-spaceship, so you can't miss out on seeing that!


IceLacrima says

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THis graphic style, THis game idea, this music and everything is just AWESOME! I love the controls! just try out the demo.


OvErLoRdOzZzZ says

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