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What is Kloppers?

Kloppers is a multiplayer arena brawler having up to 4 players fight each other in an ever dissolving world. The last survivor takes the pot & the girls.


Each player starts with equal powers. It is your task to strengthen your character with items to defeat your friends. Beware of gaps & holes in the arena floor. There are lots of them. But your character is equipped with ground tiles so he can fix them. At least… for a while.


-Brawler for up to 4 players

-Lots of action packed into a bunch of rounds

-Local and online multiplayer mode

-Controller support

What you’ll experience playing Kloppers:

-An ever dissolving arena that will break up around you

-Push your friends out of the arena

-Epic fight inside the arena due to the ever dissolving

-Place ground tiles to gather crystals

-Buy items with crystals to boost your power

-Enjoy the breathtaking round system

The Team

We´re 5 motivated students at an academy for game development in Germany. Kloppers is the game of our team ‘Panda Softworks’. We want to develop a party game that a broad audience can enjoy. Also we are eager receiving plenty of feedback on our work.


When will Kloppers be released?

In autumn 2016.

When did the development of Kloppers begin?

April 2016.

Which engine is used?

We use Unity Engine.

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The team discussed the idea of implementing different skins into our game 'Kloppers'. We came to the conclusion to implement said skins. Some of the skins can be unlocked and others can only be found ingame.

Additionally, Kloppers is going to have Steam trading cards available.

Have fun with those new implementations!


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