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Merge into the story of two kids, fighting to escape the mysterious jungle #adventure #arcade #platformer #retro #strategy

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Kein and Maryu's Adventure, or KMA, will recieve an update after many years, and this time it will be a huge one.

A mayor update is being worked on for this game, and I am aiming to improve some key elements that where insuficient and/or lacking in the original product, even after a small update that I bringed almost three years ago. Here is the change list for the upcoming update!

1. Accesible controls

One of the things that impacted the most while playing, was the poor key choices for moving and using items. Now this will improve significantly, making a more compact and reasonable layout more than assigning keys for the action's name initials (a very odd decision from mine back in the day).

Arrow keys will still be the core movement for the characters, but from now on, V is the key to use a health pack, to stay in line with the keys S, to save item, and D, to give items, as well as using C to fire.

2. Tutorial level and tips improvement

Screenshot 1

As you may know, when you started the game you were greated instantly against enemies, and the signs having barely significance, so I decided to implement a whole new tutorial section to help understand the basics. Do not worry! Because it is designed in a way that none of the characters can fall to the abyss. As well, tips will now detail more important stuff, such as wich key you use to fire and the fact that both Kein and Maryu must exit alive.

3. Manual Parachute

Screenshot 2

Yes, after a long time, you can finally use the parachute at your own will, and it will let you more than just controlling your fall, think about firing mid air! Now this feature will be granted with more utility for the gameplay.

4. Improved pause menu

Screenshot 3

Now this pause menu will help you in case you needed help remembering controls, and as well a pause key tip will always remain at the bottom left corner of the screen.

5. Backgrounds (now for real)

You may have noticed on the actual or previous version of the game the fact that it had no backgrounds. Well, this good looking feature has now been fixed for the upcoming update, and trust me, they enhance the enviroment a lot.

6. Destroyable enemies

Again, an odd decision from my past. Enemies will be officialy beatable as it should be! No more pushing on the air with a useless pistol!

This have been all of the changes available for the upcoming update of the game. Follow to know more!

Kein and Maryu's Adventure (KMA)
Developed by Gemu Meika
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Kein and Maryu's Adventure v1.2

Kein and Maryu's Adventure v1.2

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Merge into the story of two kids, fighting to escape the mysterious jungle #adventure #arcade #platformer #retro #strategy

DarkBloodbane - - 76 comments

The game needs more work IMO.
I can see the idea of controlling 2 characters alternatingly, however the game design creates conflicts.

For instance, to use parachute I need to swap character, however there are enemies chasing the other character while falling. If I swap to that character, the parachute will disappear cancelling the idea of using it in the first place.
How am I supposed to protect the latter?

Then there's bouncing balls everywhere making it dangerous to leave a character nearby.

I had to press random keys to shoot after getting a weapon. That doesn't help cause the shot enemy is just pushed away not killed.

TLDR, to make this game better, it needs to do these:
1. Start the first level with completely safe environment to allow players to get used to the controls.
2. Speaking of controls, put all hints regarding controls close and easy to access (no jumping).
3. Add hint that player need to bring BOTH characters to exit.
4. In second level, introduce enemies one by one starting from the weakest one.
5. After all basics and enemies are introduced, levels could begin to be more serious.

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Gemu_Meika Creator
Gemu_Meika - - 1 comments

Thank you so much for your feedback! I will fix these important issues with the game, as soon as I can.

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