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One of my life long dreams was to get my game onto Steam Greenlight, and today it's come true! Now obviously my next dream is to actually get Greenlit and approved to start distributing my game via Steam, and that's where you guys come in!

I don't want you guys to spam the link everywhere, but I'd appreciate any promotion I could get.

Steam Greenlight: Jidousha Shakai

Here is the greenlight link, I will post a more in-depth article tomrrow, however I'd like to just get this announcement out there for now. I appreciate everyones support, and thank you for your time! :)

Jidousha Shakai Needs Your Help!

Jidousha Shakai Needs Your Help!

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Jidousha Shakai is a new racing game that is set to push the boundaries that any open-world racing game has attempted before!

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Jidousha Shakai 0.8 (PREVIEW)

Jidousha Shakai 0.8 (PREVIEW)

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I figured since 0.82 is so close to being released, I'll give you guys an updated preview-build for 0.8 that gives you an ideas of what to expect from...

Jidousha Shakai 0.7 Pre-Release 2

Jidousha Shakai 0.7 Pre-Release 2

Demo 3 comments

0.7 Pre-Release 2 is considered a Major Update but was never released in full due to 0.8 being released soon-after, this is an older build and 0.8 is...


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Imagine if someone were to use the tool made by Leo2236 to rip the Gran Turismo 2 cars and combine them with laser scanned lidar data of real life locations around the world.. Whole provinces in 3D.. All in a 1996 gfx era.
How easily can new content be made in low poly with the tools available in this day and age.

Someone with 32gb ram could load 5 square miles and mask the roads in zbrush and polygroup them..remesh everything.. create some models and fill everything that its close to the road.

Might probably polygroup by UV and then remesh.

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