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A game of fantasy guild management! In It's A Wipe! you assume the role of a guild leader within a fantasy game world. You must recruit other players, lead them to victory against increasingly difficult odds, and make sure that your group remains happy enough to stick with you! The game is done in a style reminiscent of old school role playing games. While the 'game' within It's A Wipe! is supposed to represent an on-line game world, this is really a single player game. The game play is a mix of strategy, in that you need to figure out an effective plan to beat the encounters, and management, in that you need to balance the various needs and desires of your team of players. We hope that you enjoy the game!

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A very entertaining game with lots of humor. The game delivers what it says it will.


I cant say I've ever played anyhting like this, but I'm really enjoying it. Great game idea, needs a little polish. Keep up the good work!

This game is a hilarious, giant inside joke about MMOs. As a former guild leader, the frustration and craziness of running a guild are things I sometimes miss. It's a wipe scratches that itch.


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