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A first-person VR experience designed to recapture the frenetic nature of old-school arcade games.

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Into Arcade is developer Charles Alexander's personal VR project with a unique spin: it aims to recreate the feeling of old-school arcade machines - specifically, the difficulty and frenetic nature of their gameplay, originally designed to get you to spend more money to keep playing.

UploadVR got in touch with Alexander, who elaborated on how exactly this translates to a VR game:

"Into Arcade takes cues from many different classic arcade games. It plays around with the idea of degrees of freedom of control. Sometimes you’re constrained to a 2D plane, or even a 1D line, but then a new wave of enemies appears and breaks your expectations: now an aspect of the battle is happening with six degrees-of-freedom, three degrees-of-freedom, or on a different plane ... Lots of companies are making sort of arcade-style shooting galleries ... Instead, I wanted something more about body movement and positioning that requires you to be navigating through bullet-hell style bullet mazes, solving movement-pattern puzzles, placing and manoeuvring behind temporary defenses, etc."

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Though the game is initially being developed for the HTC Vive, Alexander doesn't rule out other headsets, but does harbour concerns about how the Rift's own Constellation tracking system and Oculus Touch controllers will approximate Valve's room-scale tracking tech.

Amusingly, something Alexander included in his above gameplay trailer is a dog, being tracked by the HTC Vive. The dog even appears to have a cannon mounted on its back - though Alexander says that the dog is an entirely optional element.

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