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I'll keep it short :) Its a game where you have to build out an internet providing and protecting company.

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Last week, I've been trying to work on a simple building system for the game! Before this "update" there was only 1 server hub. The server hub is at the center of the screen. I wanted the player to feel "unlimited", so I made it so that you can now spawn server hubs! I also added a few color effects.

The building system is made by creating a code like scriptable object system. I'll then initiate these objects into a list so that it can be accessed easily.

Its not a "very" productive week, but I'm hoping it can be more interesting next yeek :)


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Beginning of a brand new journey!

Beginning of a brand new journey!


A week ago I thought it would be nice to start a new game, here's how I came up with the idea and what its about (its a video).

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