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Several spacecraft and their crew members have disappeared on a remote alien planet. Since their disappearance, strange anomalies have been reported in the area. Your mission is to investigate the planet and search for the lost crew.

Explore an alien planet and its seven alien structures. Each structure is a gateway to a void. You will encounter log entries that offer a glimpse into the fate of the lost crew members.

The game is now available to download and play for free on itch.io: 3dmethods.itch.io

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Inside The Void Released



Inside The Void has been released for free on itch.io

Head over to itch.io here to download and play: 3dmethods.itch.io

Builds available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ~30MB download.


One of the many alien structures that you will encounter on the planet. Coming into contact with it will transport you inside the void. You will have to explore the planet to find the others.


Inside one out of the seven voids. Entry logs from the lost crew members are scattered throughout each void.

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