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The game is an action-RPG 2D pixel art game, with a topdown view,

Our inspiration for Inmortis univers comes from Cthulhu's mythos and Warhammer for example, we can see it through story by the past chosen by the player, and all action you took in inmortis will have reppercutions in the world.

In terms of gameplay the references are numerous, but the main ones are the different Diablo as well as the series Souls serie.

Inspired by these games, Inmortis gameplay is precise and punitive. The player must be patient to understand and assimilate the enemies patterns, and every action he takes can be fraught with consequences.

Finally, always in order to make the player understand that his choices are important Inmortis is based around "the Attention of the Gods".

It can have many effects in game, ranging from a noticeable change in gameplay through random effects, to different interactions with NPCs or a perception of the different environment depending on the attention the player receives.

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Hey everyone, I'm here to share the link of our demo/kickstarter, if you can play the demo and give us feedback on what you think of it, it will be a great help for us and the development of Inmortis !

Inmortis Heavy Demo

Check out the trailer below !

Here is the demo link

If you like it and want to share our works, here is the Kickstarter link !

If you want to talk with the Inmortis community, here is the discord link !

Content of the demo:

4 Areas (Tutorial spawn, Forest, Nodens and the Battleground)



Nodens guards headquarters

3 Bosses (Tutorial boss, Forest boss and Battleground boss)

Infested Champion


3 Armor sets (Mercenary, Knight and Thief sets) and 5 Weapons (2 swords, Daggers, Greataxe, Spear, and the Shield)

Armor customization

And a lot of curses to discover !

Curse list

Find a name for this gentleman :)

Find a name for this gentleman :)


Here is our new mob for Inmortis ! If you have any idea of how we could name him, feel free to share it in commentary section :)

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