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The IFSCL (code lyoko supercomputer interface) is a fan destkop simulation game. It reproduces exactly the Supercomputer of the animated show : CODE LYOKO, and put you as an operator guiding his friend to fight monsters.

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On today's menu, the new logo of the 2.6.0 version, some screenshots with the scanlines effects and new windows, and the list of updates that have been made to this day (or almost), and what's to come in the next weeks.

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Hello everyone,

The IFSCL is making progress, and this can be felt in the rhythm of news updates!
On today's menu, the new logo, visible above, screenshots and the list of updates that have been made.


IFSCL v.2.6.0

You may notice a global overlay of horizontal lines (like on an old TV set).
Hard to integrate due to performance reasons, it's now completely available in the new version, especially thanks to the enormous advance explained in the previous news entry.

For the same reason also, in the cosmetic details, the Xana logo on the title screen, in the background, spins, like in the series.

Also, as stated in the previous list of updates, unique portraits of the Lyoko Warriors in their seasons 3, 4 and Translated forms are randomly choosen, that's a lot of portraits!

And here's another in-game screenshot.
Two new windows are hidden in this screenshot, can you find them?

IFSCL v.2.6.0

LISTS OF UPDATES already completed:

-Switch to Unity Engine – Flash emulation through tessellation of vectors using 3D polygons (the game will continue to be made as a Flash application)
- Pro: The game doesn't eat up as much resources (even if it does at least require a good configuration at minimum)
- Pro: Optimisation for display on resolutions less than 1650x1080 (the IFSCL's native size)
- Pro: Overlay effect of horizontal lines on the screen, like on an old TV
- Pro: Quicker compilation time for developing the IFSCL
- Pro: Windows Installer format with a real uninstaller, no more need for Adobe Air
- Con: Takes longer to run the application (between 5 and 10 seconds)
- Con: Larger application (around 150MB total)
- Con: No continuing support for MAC (you need to use Wine or Bootcamp, etc...) (the plugin to fix this is too expensive)
- Con: No auto-connection to inform you of a new version release (may return)

- Improvement: Better organisation of all the code and classes in the game
- Improvement: Menu appearance, logo and turning circles, more reactive hitbox, animations
- Improvement: Launcher appearance > complete screen title
- Improvement: Animation of the cover of Franz Hopper's journal
- Improvement: Name of Sectors added directly beneath the window name (removal of the mini window with the Sector's name, too different to in the cartoon)
- Improvement: Audio card renamed as "com"
- Improvement: Backup system for recoding preferences, managed by Unity
- Improvement: CryptoSmasher – 3D rotation animation
- Improvement: Move XML translations to AS for easier reading
- Improvement: Redesign of how attack names are shown during combat (closer than the old versions)
- Improvement: In combat, the chance of vehicles being hit rises with each level of tower and will no longer be directly destroyed
- Addition: Smart Sector: Carthage recognises the Lyoko Warriors' objectives and changes the Arena door, layout of the Labyrinth and traps (causing damage) accordingly
- Addition: Carthage (Skid Hangar and Core Chamber not functional) tower, Arena, tunnel, Labyrinth, interface
- Addition: Frontier system reprogrammed, support for more people in the frontier at the same time
- Addition: System for falling into the Digital Sea for overvehicle combat in the Celestial Dome
- Addition: Greyed-out cards for lost Lyoko Warriors (lost in the frontier, fallen into the Digital Sea)
- Addition: Bugged overvehicle window – auto-management of the use of vehicles in Carthage
- Addition: Connection to Carthage window with the code Scipio: carthage(start)
- Addition: Transporter window: carthage(transp) (calls the Transporter)
- Addition: Carthage window for Multiple Controls:
Zoom tunnel → new commands: carthage(tunnel) tunnel(sectorname), tunnel(execution)
Key system → 3 choices of direction + animation and countdown
- Addition: Creepers, Mantas and Scyphozoa
- Addition: Window for memory stealing/Xanafication of Lyoko Warriors by the Scyphozoa/Scyphozoa AI
- Addition: Variation in Lyoko Warrior on the mission menu (random). Unique images (12, not counting William, who isn't available) of the 4 Lyoko Warriors, seasons 1, 3 and Teleported for the mission menu
- Correction: Focus on the back button on the main menu
- Correction: Frontier timer freezing when paused
- Correction: Various bugs in the combat system
- Optimisation: Support for text in all animations

If you have any questions about OTHER eventual updates, please consult the FAQ first of all. But also don't forget that other things will be added in time (not just missions).

Finally, you can note that the bottom-left menu on the official site was simplified to make it quicker, the page for the next version and version archive have been merged with the download page.
The "next version" and "archive" categories will therefore be removed soon.

This list will grow, of course. Don't hesitate to look at the download page cited here from time to time.

Don't forget that you're always welcome to give feedback on the Facebook page, and follow the game and review it on its IndieDB page, well, here.

Before announcing the registration period for beta testers (while may eventually be towards the end of July), I just need to fix a number of AI faults for the Carthage monsters. Plus there are missions to code, which isn't a huge part of the fun. (and many others things that I'm fact, seeing right now when writing this news)
So this will be the topic of the next news post, on an undecided date.

See you soon!

News translated by Alexis (not me)


Yes, I'am Understand

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Thanks for the update. Your work on this project is greatly appreciated. By the way. Congrats on beating Minecraft earlier today on the Top 100. Good stuff right there. Looking forward to your next update. Take care.

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It took you only 11 months!
I was pretty sure that you wouldn't finish this before 2016!

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Immudelki Author

Being sarcastic or... ? ^^
Anyway I remember the time I though the game would be finished in the end of 2013 hu hu.. A long time ago.
Now my mind is more at the end of 2015 >>
But still, for Carthage (knowing that this version won't bring the Skid or the Heart), I trully think It will be completed this year.

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The hidden window is overbike and element zoom. Thats right huh immu. And can you contact me by email or forums but english can you

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Have you thought maybe to make a code lyoko 3D game and connect it to the IFSCL? May be even contact another developer and make a joint project where you work on the IFSCL and the other developer works on ther 3D game. I know that it is a big project but if it will ever be released it will probably be the best thing ever! Maybe even start a Kickstarter campaign!

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Immudelki Author

First : Kickstarter for a fan game is illegal.
Second : I know that would be great, indeed, I've thought about that at a time, but IFSCL in itself is way too big.
Third : I don't know anybody capable of doing something I would consider good enough for that. (at least doing a reproduction of the supercomputer room in cell shading or whatever, as a start, I'm not even talking of creating a 3D reproduction of the lyokowarriors, since It's what IFSCL would need at least for the transition windows. (ripped models of official game aren't enough, all the costumes are needed)).

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I obviously understand that this project is almost impossible and will probably never happen, but as a big fan of your game I will try to help as much as I can to make the impossible happen. I know i can't expect you to just start a new project especially of this magnitude but as you said, you did consider the idea before. I have the Email of the creator of Pokemon Generations and he might be the one to model the whole thing, I know it is long shot and I don't even know him personally or if he will even agree. But if you'd consider the possibility of this and might need my help with anything then please contact me.

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