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Launch : iOS, Android and Windows

Introduction: The first part of this series is an app which is a Card Collecting Game. There is an in game strategic real time cut throat battle arena with various challenges and rewards. The cards will lend to real in depth art creations.

Summary/Description: In a dimension past the nexus yet connected to many dwells an ethereal collector. It passes the veils and tears through the inter dimensional time rifts, able to be, yet never take form in. With a powerful prismatic light it captures the code of things as prints. Traversing back to its layer, where it continuously creates its unique arenas, magical shop, forge of new creations and adds to it's collectors database. The creations grow and develop, the collector forms bonds with the entities. Building arenas which it puts together complex decks to battle out with dynamic strategies. It’s unique arenas bring prismatic aspects, intense battle moments and diverse play abilities to an intriguing universe of creations!

It will be the first in a line of games that interweave more than storyline and characters.(6 other games )

It has focus on multiple eras of time and their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Epic battles waged in strategic methods which lend to dynamic choices of stylized play to determine who or what is the most epic collection! The start is 121 cards in the full game. However yes it does take playing, paying or being a part of the team to get access to all of them.

Ian Broussard

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Currently Looking For


Hello World,

So I wanted to discuss where Prism Animus Interactive Nexus is currently. The choices that Gabriel and I have made in terms of how to go about making this all a reality and what that takes and which route ultimately seems best. When creating a game one is met with a lot of friction and resistance. So we are artists, creators, celebrators of life and believe that we can make a difference together, which sadly is not the norm from what I learn. Lest I digress into a negative critic on our systems, lets turn to the options. As we see it there are four main ways,

(A) Cash in any resource and asset, privately develop this game so we could launch it hoping that everything goes according to plan and that the stress has not doomed us in. As well as risking our children's financial security.

(B)Take my Game Design Document with all our other cherished ideas of how this can work to create our bigger vision, to a corporate big business studio and have them defile it in their normal or unnormal ways.

(C)Come on sites like this and go the "Indie" route. Facing the desire for us to be overly open about our game and its development. Also taking a good bit of effort away from the actual development. However it does find the community and others who have extreme passion over their creations.

(D)Make it myself, take unknown years in the development, have the things change on me while doing it, have all the other side effects that can happen.

Which if you couldn't tell where this decision is currently, its C. Its is with being here and reaching out to the larger community of gamers and other indie developers. Which has us at a place of our team development. Needing to find the others who want to be an integral foundation of this creation, seeing as how we are not looking to sell this idea, too many parts are near and dear to our hearts.

For starting this method, we are looking for people who are skilled in these areas:

Photon Development in Unity. Server development. We will need it to be scalable and still hold ability for desired matchmaking.

Strong Prefab creation skills in Unity and abilities and familiarity with making apps for mobile Android and IOs as well as Windows,

2-d Animaton work for the characters- taking the card and making the needed animations required. Being able to make 3-d would be preferred for long term however not necessary to begin with. There is only going to need to be a few animations per card for this games start.

Someone strong with Media/Promotions,

We are open to discussions on various methods of payment for these positions.

Thank you for your time in reading this, we know the future holds great possibilities and it is only a moment away. We look forward to hearing from you and the communities out there.




Hello World, Introduction to our game, Prism Animus Interactive Nexus (P.A.I.N.)

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