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I Hate Running Backwards is a fast paced shoot 'em up infinite runner that puts the shoot 'em up genre on its head! Developed by Binx Interactive. Pick your favorite character from the Serious Sam universe and blast away at enemies with a high powered weapons arsenal.

Key features

  • Non-stop never-ending adrenaline packed action - guide Sam “Serious” Stone in this endless action packed shoot ‘em down (you are running backwards you know) and engage in destroying wave after wave of enemies, epic boss fights and environment destruction.
  • Couch co-op multiplayer - grab a friend and together you two can rule the universe! Or at least destroy every monster in sight. Just remember to leave some ammo for your friend. And a health pack.
  • Randomly generated levels - to be sure every playthrough is a little bit different, we put our game through “ye ol’ randomizer” machine.

Other Features

  • Are you Serious? - Play as Sam “Serious” Stone in an endless mega-epic battle to destroy as many aliens and monsters as possible. If you’re going down, how many can you take with you?
  • Shoot ‘em down! - Take on the shoot ‘em up genre upside down with Sam doing what he hates the most - running backwards!
  • Monsters! Monsters everywhere! - Fight against horde after horde of enemies! Endless waves of aliens are coming straight for you! How long can you survive?
  • More powah! - Collect power ups that give you additional edge in combat!
  • Bosses and perks - Battle huge bosses and get perks after every victory ranging from faster movement, bigger health to bigger melee range and more ammo.
  • When am I? - Travel seamlessly through various time periods ranging from ancient Egypt and Medieval times all the way to the distant future!
  • Who’s with me? - Fight side by side with a friend in the couch co-op multiplayer mode for 2 players. Remember to leave some ammo for her/him.
  • Who else is with me? - Unlock various and unique characters that bring their own special abilities to the battlefield.
  • Destructible environment - Watch as you and your foes destroy everything in your path while battling each other.
  • Guns blazin’ - Dual wield your weapons to glory! Combine Primary and Special weapons and turn yourself into the ultimate death machine!

Website: BinxInteractive.com

Twitter: twitter.com/BinxInteractive

nstagram: instagram.com/binx_interactive/

Facebook: facebook.com/BinxInteractive/

Email: binx@binxinteractive.com

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Release announcement!


The date is finally here!

It's been a long and bumpy ride but we're proud to announce the release of I Hate Running Backwards on PC, XboXOne and Playstation 4 on May 22nd and later this year on the Nintendo Switch. Here is the announcement trailer:

While you wait for the game to release join us on our discord channel: Discord.gg

We're always happy to talk to new people! See you there and continue Running Backwards!

GAMESCOM! STEAM! and more…

GAMESCOM! STEAM! and more…


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What's Happening

What's Happening

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Dayummm have we got news for you! Last time you heard from us our heads were up in the clouds from the amazing feedback that we got from both the press...

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