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Humanity is a Psycho-Horror Adventure game for Windows, Linux and Mac. It's based on historical events packed in a compelling story. The game plays in 1867 in Germany. The parents of the girlfriend of the protagonist are missed, but you and your girlfriend want to find them. The last thing you and your girlfriend know is: The parents must be somewhere in the swamp near of their village Resse. Let's hope they're still alive ... let's hope we'll survive!

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Today we started our campaign on Kickstarter! Check it out at Kickstarter.com :)

Our target is to cover the costs we have during the development phase. We're working with Unity 3D Pro, use assets from the Unity Asset Store, get our textures from gametextures.com - all these generate costs we're currently covering on our own and we hope that you want to support us to make our project successfull so that many players can enjoy HUMANITY!

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Humans will always persevere, and we are hard at work building Humanity. 2021 wasn’t our year, but we know that the… T.co

Dec 9 2021

6/8をもって @MediaAmbition_ HUMANITYの実験的アートプロジェクト「HUMANITY – AR EXPERIMENTS –」の展示は終了いたしました。 沢山の方にHUMANITYの世界をご体験いただきまし… T.co

Jun 9 2021

RT @gonz149: たまたま最終日に六本木ヒルズに来ていたので、駆け込みで"密"を体験してみた #HumanityAR T.co

Jun 9 2021

みんなでダッシュすれば怖くない!? #MAT2021 本日 6/8 最終日です! 六本木ヒルズの66プラザで是非 #HumanityAR を体験ください! @MediaAmbition_ @kitasenjudesignT.co

Jun 7 2021

RT @taise503: HUMANITYのARは圧倒的だったな(撮るの難しかった) ARでここまで感動したのは初めてかも🏃‍♂️🏃🏿🏃🏻‍♀️#HUMANITY T.co

Jun 6 2021

RT @roppongihills: Media Ambition Tokyo 2021   六本木ヒルズにて、~6/8(火)まで開催中。 66プラザでは、大勢のヒューマン(人間)をARで現実空間に出現させる HUMANITY - AR EXPERIMENTS - を… T.co

Jun 4 2021

RT @Kezzardrix: おー、humanityすげー。めっちゃ怖い。 T.co

Jun 4 2021

RT @kitasenjudesign: HUMANITY - AR EXPERIMETNSに今更ですがPause機能も入れてみました。群れの彫刻的な。 #HumanityAR #MAT2021 #ARKit #AR T.co

Jun 4 2021

Final days of #HumanityAR Experiments in Tokyo @MediaAmbition_ going on at Roppongi Hills! Find & scan three QR… T.co

Jun 4 2021