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Genesis is a Video Game project destined primarily for PC. It is a Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, Open World, Sandbox, Survival game that is set to challenge the player to explore, craft and make key decisions on how to survive.

The main Goal is to stay alive and for that purpose the players will need to hunt and gather resources such as food and construction materials in order to build their shelters and protect themselves against the hostile environment.
Chronologically Genesis is set way ahead of our times in an unknown planet for the player. The fact that we are in the future does not mean this is an exclusively Sci-fi game. Genesis is being developed to have the player pass through 3 distinct stages:

A primitive stage that starts when the Player Lands on Genesis with nothing, but a combat knife and rations for a few hours. The player will strive to search for his first resources and learn about the environment. For example which plants are edible and which are toxic. Situations like this and more will set a true challenge on how the player will create his first tools and weapons.

A Contemporary stage where the player is aware of his environment and starts to make use of all the resources around him. The player will learn how to build more powerful weapons and better structure type building components as well as crafting better traps and venoms

And a Futuristic Stage Where the player will learn and have access to highly advanced resources that allow him to create Sci-Fi structures, Tools and weapons.
Because we do not wish to turn Genesis into a fruit salad of concepts we are smoothing the primitive and futuristic eras to blend with the contemporary. Even though we are on a primitive stage we don’t expect to see a lot of medieval weapons on early stages or atom pistols on later stages. Those types of weapon that could make the world end suddenly and violently !

The game story will be revealed to players as they progress, for now I can tell you that Genesis is a planet that suffered a tremendous natural disaster and recently recovered in an unnatural way. As for the Player, he is Ex-Military Bounty Hunter hired by an interstellar agency to do a job that went terribly wrong, he is now alone in an unknown place with no clear way on how to get home.
Some partsof the story the player will know at the start, while others the player will come to understand while playing the game. Backers will have the option to claim a story document if they wish, bearing in mind that it might spoil some aspects of the experience.
If this is the type of theme/game you would like be involved with and play, please participate, subscribe to any of our social media accounts and if you are so inclined, support us by donating on Indiegogo and getting a early copy ! Stay tuned and help us shape this game into a masterpiece !

Please check and vote on our Greenlight Campaign: Genesis - Greenlight Concepts

You can also pre-order Genesis on our Indiegogo Campaign

Check our Press Page to see what everyone else is saying about Genesis, or if you want a press kit to post news about Genesis.

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Genesis on Indiegogo


Indiegogo Campaign

Our aim is to sell our game through steam, we are using Indiegogo as a means to increase our community and get the funds necessary to release an alpha version of our project.

We are setting this deadline as we hope to slowly manage independently after we got through Greenlight and manage to have sales of our own.

Here is what we will use the money for:

Survival: Rent, food, and internet to keep 5 developers working full-time.

Hosting: Server hosting costs money, especially ones with a lot of speed and bandwidth. Your money will help keep our main servers going, plus, allow us to provide some dedicated servers for the multiplayer.

Software: Help us afford the essential software needed for moving this game forward.

Multiplayer: We plan to make a robust multiplayer experience.

Single Player: In order to do a proper single player game, you need good quality A.I. We have extremely innovative ideas for improving A.I beyond what you have seen in traditional games, and good things take time to develop.

Music & Audio: We will hire sound artists to compose a full-fledged soundtrack to the game.

Art: we are looking to purchase full licenses of the software and hire more 3d/2d artist to help fill this massive world with the best game content possible.

Attention to detail: We generally don't like releasing anything unless it has undergone a lot of polish. So your money will also go to making everything the best it can be.

We've decided to use Indiegogo because we feel we can only innovate without barriers by remaining independent. We enjoy communicating directly with you and we love all your ideas for the game. This is what makes developing games so special to us, it's fun, it's innovative, we get to share with you, and we feel the need to create.




We been developing this game for over a year now and clearly time as come to show everyone what we have so far.

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