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Hexopods is a top-down twin-sticks tactical versus shooter! For 1 to 4 players with 4 playable ships and various mods. Jump in your ship and swoop into battle in a deadly arena! Defeat your opponents by outsmarting them, anticipation and reaction!


You have access to 4 playable ships :

- Boomer : Arsenal of explosives and traps will turn the arena into a minefield!

- Edge : Keeping distance and never keeps your eyes of your target, destroy them at the slightest error!

- Vanguard : All-in bruiser, extra shield and a clone to trick and get close before destroying them with your holo-blades!

- Venom : Play with your prey and kill it slowly over time.

On top of that you will be able to customize your game with several elements :

- Holoshield which weakens with every hit making fights longer and more tactical

- Line of sight : A small line of sight to help you aiming. Can be very useful for some abilities and for keyboard/mouse players.

- Zone : King-of-the-hill moving platform. Stay 5 second alone in and you win. Create an attacker/defender aspect.

- Power-ups : 3 circles that you need to hit with bullets to activate them. Activating them in a precise order will give you a precise bonus for a short amount of time!


I"m making this game alone during my free time (I'm still a student). But this game will be available on Steam. Before that I'm planning to make a little Kickstarter when my demo will be ready. If your interested in the game or in its developments don't hesitate to follow me on twitter for my daily/weekly updates or mp if you want to ask me some questions :)

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Hexopods is out!


Steam page

Hexopods is a local multiplayer twin-stick shooter! The only way to survive in this bullet-hell is by outsmarting your opponents, being friends or AI.


- 4 different ships with unique playstyles
- Fast and intense fights!
- Highly competitive
- 4 different adaptable maps
- Modular game-modes
- Hard to play, Impossible to master
- No random, only skill to win!


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