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Heroes Ravage is a satire and a love letter to the old RPG genre, where the heroes would enter every house in the game steal all the items from the starving inhabitants and then demand answers about a strange white haired man. In this game we decide to give control of the villagers to players, and have them defend their valuables from the Heroes (Thieves). You can imagine something along the lines of rainbow six siege, but instead of killing each other the goal is to hide or steal all the Green Crystals (a la Zelda Style).

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Let me start by saying this was a wild ride thus far. An year and a half of development followed by 6 months of marketing and testing and 3 kickstarter campaigns finally brought us to this point.

We are releasing our most stable prototype version on Itch.io for anyone to try it out. This version is rough around the edges, but it showcases what we were going for. If you want to try it out you can download the prototype by going to this link:



  • 2v2 MP
  • Single Player mode, where you have to clear an infested House of monsters.*
  • Trap Crafting
  • Hero Equipment Crafting
  • Basic Avatar Customization (70 pieces of cosmetics)
  • Leaderboards

*This mode is only so that you can check some of the game mechanics if there are not enough players online to join you for a normal match.

We appreciate everyone who stuck with us until now and we hope you can have some fun with the game.

As for the future of the game we did our best to address it on our last kickstarter post here:


To everyone who gave us their support and kept us motivated throughout all this madness,

Thank you!


Heroes Ravage - The rise of an NPC

Heroes Ravage - The rise of an NPC

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Heroes Ravage is relaunching on Kickstarter focusing on a single player version of the game based on the feedback from the previous campaign.

Heroes Ravage is now live on Kickstarter

Heroes Ravage is now live on Kickstarter

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Heroes Ravage Kickstarter is now live. The Pixel Dinos team seeks to obtain funding in order to finish the game and release on PC, Linux and Mac.

Heroes Ravage - Kickstarter announcement

Heroes Ravage - Kickstarter announcement


Pixel Dinos today announced the launch date for Heroes Ravage Kickstarter campaign. Heroes Ravage will start its Kickstarter campaign on January 15th...

Heroes Ravage - Dev Update #2

Heroes Ravage - Dev Update #2


The visual changes in Heroes Ravage over time and the Wizard mob design.

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