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Heroes of a Lost World (HoaLW) is a platformer action-rpg for the Android and PC. The Android is my main target and if it receives any success, I will also port it to the PC. I began developing HoaLW June 2012. This will be a long term project of mine. I am developing it solo. I don't expect to finish in 1 or even two years. I hope you follow HoaLW. I appreciate any support that I can get. I am developing it every free second that I have =) Sometimes forgetting to sleep. Please check out my webpage at wix for more details.

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I have been somewhat on a hiatus with regards to developing my game.
Being a full time senior Com Sci college student is very time consuming.
I made a lot of progress but not as much as I wanted.

The game still has no story, no quests, no towns and dungeons to explore, and no anything in general but the main combat system and a work-in-progress in-game menu.

All you can do at the moment is fight monsters, use abilities, party with AI's, and some other stuff but nothing that defines an actual game. I'm addressing this because I have been getting feed back that the game is suffering from lack of gameplay, which I have to agree with. For those that do think so as well, I would like to remind you that this game will not be out until 2015 or 2016 since I'm doing everything myself (everything) in my spare time and I plan to make this as lengthy as a final fantasy game.

Anyways, before I keep babbling, here is a link to the video featuring Harlequin (art by Redshrike @ OpenGameArt.org).

WARNING. The video may be difficult to follow because the gameplay of "Reapers", especially at end-game levels, are very, very fast. It is my intention for Reapers to be fast, focused on speed and not really slow, burst damage like fighters. I received a comment that they could not follow what was going on. I assume that it was because the character moves too fast. Again, that is intentional. The character moves ridiculously fast because of the two skills that it keeps using, which are "Elusive Dash" and "Wings of Flight." Those two skills/abilities are intended for Reapers. I do have a bunch of other classes planned that are much slower in pace than Reapers, which again whose primary focus is on speed. However, I only have the Journeyman->Harbinger->Reaper class tree implemented and nothing else. I will implement a slower paced class next so that videos are easier and simpler to follow. I guess not everyone shares my passion for high octane nonsensical action.

The prologue was voiced by Arielle, a college acquaintance. I modified the recording using Audacity
so much that it doesn't sound anything like her. Not that I don't like her voice, but it just ended up that way.

The story is a work in progress. I don't have a set plot yet. I am still experimenting on what will work for a game that has a $0 budget, a 1 man team, only open source art and audio, but a man with a passion for making a reality his dream of making a 2d platformer action-rpg game. Hence, since I cannot be picky about my assets, I have to make do with what I can get my hands on. This is one of the reasons why why I titled this Heroes of a "Lost World", emphasis on "Lost World", so that it somewhat justifies me mixing and matching unrelated art.

That is not to say that the open source art and music under the CC license is useless. That, of course is not true. I feel that there are a bunch of high quality open source art and audio out there (OpenGameArt.org and FreeSound.org) that can be used. Also composers that offer their music under the CC BY license (MatthewPablo.com).

I am addressing my assets now because I got a feed back that the textures are low-res. But, what to expect when my target resolution is a 480x320 android screen and with, again, very limited resources.
Do not get me wrong, I do not believe that graphics make up a game. I am not one of those people. It is gameplay (something that my game is lacking atm lol XD). Of course, graphics are a must but does not outweigh the gameplay itself. Furthermore, I am not one of those people that are deterred by lack of resources and would ultimately leave their game unfinished because of it. I like the challenge of putting together disparate assets and making them work together.

Anything that I've said are just my opinions. This post doesn't feel like news but more like a blog post. However, since this is my first news post, I thought that I'd share my immediate thoughts here so that people may have an idea what is going on in the developer's head.

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As a member of the Open Surge community, and long-time user of the Open Surge engine, it gives me great joy to see the character Surge in a different style of game :D

The game looks good, although a bit confusing. Too much going on, i think.

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